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    Default o2 sensor wiring diagram

    Hey I am looking for some help on re wiring an o2 sensor. I bought a universal Bosch o2 sensor (Part #15730) Because I am getting a P0133 Code (Bank 1 Sensor 1), I dont have the harness anymore cuz it melted (dont ask lol) so I cut the cables. There's 4 wires that went to the blue connector, here are the colors of the wires...

    1) Black
    2) Blue with Red Stripe
    3) Green
    4) Red with Blue Stripe

    Now, on the instructions for the universal sensor, it shows this table...

    I cant figure out which cable goes where. Any help is much appreciated.
    Note...I HAVE 4 o2 Sensors[/glow:31294a1f21]


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    black is probably ground..the 2 striped ones are probably the 2 heater wires, and green is probably the signal..but thats me and i myself would not listen to me lol..just commen sense on my part
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    yea commen sense matt but i need to be 100% sure hehe Thanks
    Anybody else?

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    cant you just return the universal one and pay the few bucks more and get the one that will plug right in? we changed the bank 1 sensor on both jons and kelvin's car and it was like a 5 minute job with the proper o2 sensor

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    ^^I dont have a connector to plug the oem one fullah, it melted so i had to cut the wires. So if i buy the oem im still going to have to cut, splice and sodder the wires. Some guys on b15sentra.net helped out and i think we figured out where the cables go, i switched them around but still my car runs crappy so im guessing the o2 sensor is bad from running with the cabels plugged wrong for a while, ill have to buy another one and give that a try.



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