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    Default Oil Analysis Testing

    Interesting article on an engine-building site that covers engine oil weight and type as it relates to wear.
    The basic test was taking a standardized engine (with known valve spring pressure and lift) and running different oil grades. The wear on the cams was then measured.


    The author doesnt include the results of the actual testing and I can't seem to find it online.

    However, there are some key takeaways:
    1. Break in oils (not described in detail) seem to prevent future cam (engine) wear
    2. Oils with more additives seem to prevent cam wear (if done correctly)
    3. Running a thicker oil will limit HP a bit, but provide more protection against cam wear

    I wish I was able to find the raw results but those are probably hidden behind a paywall. All that testing was probably expensive!
    I hope this is helpful for those considering what oil to run in their motors. I run 15W40 once the temperature in MI stays above freezing for the 2 week forecast. I do notice a bit of mileage reduction but I like that it burns less oil and provides more wear protection. One issue is the cat in our cars may get damaged (either rendered less effective or clogged?) with holder, high zinc diesel oils, but based on the source below the newer formulations have less zinc and therefore less chance of wear.


    I think anyone here that would be running extremely high spring pressures (aftermarket) would know enough to do good research on the right oil and get a racing specific one. Im fine with the standard diesel formulas.

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    good to know
    older articles but still correct

    all this time i felt the major wear was at start up

    now i see higher viscosity oils do better

    joe always insists i run 15w40
    but i have been running 5w-40

    had been running rottella t-6
    just switched to motul racing



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