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Break the ice with an introduction. Tell us who you are and what you're about.
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Member Rides and Project Cars

Lets see that sexy spec-v, sentra, maxima, altima, veyron, ferrari, bicycle, sneakers or whatever the hell you drive.
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Meets, Events and Coverage

All meets, gatherings and events go here as well as coverage. Please specify the location of the event when starting a new thread.
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Racing: Street, Strip and Road

Talk about track times, launch techniques, strategies, etc
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The Graveyard

Where all good things must come to an end.
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Sentra General Discussions

B17 Sentra (2013+)

Talk about the newest B17 Nissan Sentra platform in here
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  • 77.1K

B16 Sentra (2007-2013)

General discussions specifically about the B16 Nissan Sentra
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B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)

B15 Sentra discussions are in here
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B14 (1995-1999)

163 71.8K
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  • 71.8K

B13 (1991-1994)

The classic that started it all
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All Other Nissans

B11/12/14, Maximas, Altimas etc., this is your spot.
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Advanced Performance

Engine Swaps, Builds

Engine building and swaps and everything associated.
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Forced Induction & Supporting Modifications

All forced induction talk goes here. Any and everything about Turbos, Supercharges, blow off valves, waste gates, inter-coolers etc.
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Naturally Aspirated (NA)

All motor performance including everything from air intake to high compression pistons.
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Discuss dry, wet, and direct port nitrous setups. How many shots can you handle?
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Suspension, Chassis & Braking

Talk about suspension geometry, advanced handling/chassis setup, custom brakes, etc.
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  • 2.4M

Transmissions, Clutches, etc.

All transmission talk goes here. Auto, manual, clutches, short shifters etc.
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Tuning & Engine Management

Tuning, Piggybacks, Standalones
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Part Reviews and Feedback

Post your experience with aftermarket and OEM parts in here
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Cosmetic and Electrical Modifications

Interior Modifications

3K 678K
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  • 678K

Exterior Modifications, Paint and Bodywork

Body kits, lip kits, dent fixing etc.
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Wheels and Tires

Talk about radials, slicks, 20" rims, hubcaps, spinners, street or drag wheels.
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Audio, Lighting, Alarms, Gauges and Misc ICE

All automotive electronics talk in here. Audio installs, gauges, alarms, HID's, head lights, LED interior lights, ground effects etc.
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Maintenance and Repairs

General Maintenance

Need to know how to clean your air filter? This section is for you young padawan.
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Troubleshooting and Support

Got a problem you can't figure out?
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Cleaning & Detailing

Car detailing and cleaning discussions.
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Welding & Fabrication

Talk about anything related to welding & fabrication.
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Sentra Specific Installation Guides,Technical Info

Sentra specific how-to's, diagrams, tutorials, technical documents, etc.
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General Guides, Documents & Downloads

Non sentra specific installation manuals, technical info and documents.
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Tutorial Requests

Need a tutorial or some technical documents? Request them here...
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Clubs If you would like a section for your club, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this site. Please have a logo ready.

BC B15s

British Columbia B15 Owners Club
7.6K 508K
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  • 508K

NYC Sentras

2.2K 185K
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Sales Department

Vendor Classifieds

ONLY Vendors can post in here.
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Members Services

Vendor and Member Services offered to Registered B15U Members. You need to be a registered user to view this forum.
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Parts for Sale

ONLY Sentra parts for sale in this section.
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  • 11.2M

Parts Wanted

Looking for a particular part? Try posting it in here...
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Vehicles for Sale

ONLY full vehicles for sale in this section.
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  • 2M

Vehicle Part Outs

Stripping a vehicle? ONLY vehicle part outs in this section.
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Miscellaneous Classifieds

All miscellaneous items for sale...anything not related to Sentras or autos in general.
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Member Feedback

Positive and negative selling/buying experiences with members on here
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Vendor Member Section Please contact us using the link at the bottom of this site if you would like your own section.

Vendor Deals

Group discounted purchases ONLY.
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Forced Induction Racing (FI-R)

This vendor is no longer active - DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM. This forum is only here for members to resolve issues with their promised items.
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Custom Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Work
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Community Help Section Welcome to B15U.com

Community Help

Having problems using the site? Have an idea for a new feature? Lets hear it...
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News & Announcements

All site related news and announcements.
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Off Topic Section Anything goes

Open Bar

General Chat, Jokes etc.
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Video Games & Multimedia

Videos, video games etc.
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The Gentlemens Club

3.8K 140K
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  • 140K

F*** My Life / Love My Life

Raves and Rants...
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Photography & Photoshop

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  • 221K
  • 5.4K
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Start a poll in here..
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Regional Forums

Military Members

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Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington DC, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia
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Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia
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Great Lakes

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin
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Colorado, Kansas, Montana , North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming
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Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Alaska
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Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
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Niagara Falls, Ontario, Toronto, Vancouver ...
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Outside the US & Canada
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