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  • usmctankmech ·
    Kool thanks for the info. I want to definatly start modding my spec soon i just dont know how far being that its my daily driver. I think im just gonna start with the eibach pro plus kit and a 2.25 stromung exhaust come tax time.
    usmctankmech ·
    I recently read your post on the spec-v horsepower thread, and i was wondering it 04 was the only one that had the tunable ecu? My Spec is an 06.
    06specv21 ·
    Hey Justin I live in ga and I see y'all have a Racing pulley and just have a question about it will I keep a/c and power steering with this mod cause this is my daily as well?
    DnK ·
    hey im here in toronto canada getting my qr rebuilt and im at the stage where i need parts and i see you have a header being built for westner that will work well with a 3'' exhaust and jwt's c1 cams and 07 pistons. do you know if they are oging to be ready in the next month or so?
    nismoracer_206 ·
    hey i talked to uprev and they said it would be best just for me to cancle order cause where i was going to drive down to you and just let the shop dyno it and you tune it so if you could please call me or email me or somethen cause im ready when ever you are to get it done thanks
    nismoracer_206 ·
    Hey i order the 500 uprev one so i can just email you the map and stuff. Is it hard or tricky to hook the uprev sytem to the car. If you dnt care can you send me dirctions on how u hooked it up thanks.
    nexestterrenus ·
    hey wassup man. heard you were the one to talk to if i have any question. i haceheaders exhaust end a custom intake. also a mishimoto radiator. my plan next is cams and springs. i have an 02 se-r. just i need to know whos got the best parts. and what i need to do to max my power. my name is david, please get back with me.
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