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Turbo 04 SpecV, VQ 04 SpecV, 1975 Datsun b210 Sedan "Sunny", 2015 Titan SV King Cab
SoundEfx;1447961 said:
Were you talking about total cars or total value/cost/price?
Either way, I can give anyone a good run for their money......
BOOSTEDFebruary 2016 @108k miles
SUSPENSION/CHASSIS: BC 7k coilovers 21f 19r, 2j rear sway, 2j 10mm ALK, 2j Delrin crossmember bushings, 2j LCAs with MOOG ball joints and Super Pro bushings, MMIs, MOOG tie rod and sway bar end links. New OEM sway bar bracket bushings. Worth every penny!!!!!!
TURBO/TUNE: Precision 5431, Precision 3" Intercooler, Tial 38mm wastegate open dump 8.7 spring, HKS BOV, DIY 2.5" hot side, 3" DIY to 2j CAI cold side. Uprev on 04 ECU tuned by Joe via email and datalogs until I can make it to a dyno tune. INNOVATE wideband, Auto Meter boost gauge, Deca 633s, 2j Fuel Pump
Motor/Transmission: STOCK Motor lol. I mean stock. Yes it has an intact balance shaft and butterflies lol. Big Balls or Just Dumb? We'll see lol. 2j Stage 3 clutch and F1 Flywheel
EXHAUST: Treadstone SS Turbo Manifold , 3" v-band Downpipe, 38mm open dump pipe, 3" custom v-band midpipe, random short resonator, 2j 3" dual tip cat back with deleted resonator.
Brakes/Wheels/Tires: Wilwood 6 piston front brakes & Brembo option rear setup. NISMO Wheels. Bridgestone RE-71r tires in 225/45/17
Miscellaneous: 2j short shift and Turcite shifter bushings. Wow!!!!! Buy Them NOW!!!!!!!!
2j 1.3bar radiator cap (just some incognito bling). Prosport dual steering column pod. Had a 2j ACB and recommend them, but removed when I went turbo

Original owner. Experienced isuues: Crank Angle Sensor & Rear Hubs. All stock 10yrs 95k. No longer stock. Crossed 100k early 2015

My '75 Datsun b210! Currently being swapped!!! https://www.b15u.com/threads/50401-Dave-s-Dirty-Datsun-2j-CA18det-Swap
CA18det by 2j-r
funguy26;1463569 said:
welcome back. i'm miss spelling things and driving the car harder.
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