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  • Brian Bechtel ·
    Joe I have been tring to contact you at sales[at]2j-racing.com regarding a problem with my order. Pls check for messages from bbechtel16[at]gmail. Thx.
    Qr spec v ·
    Hi joe this is ted sealy i had order your 2j high power Plenum from u in march i wanted to know if i can change address

    146 pennsylvania ave
    Bay shore new york 11706

    U can contact me at 1 631 459 9154
    I wanted to also know how is the progess going on the plenum
    fchavez09 ·

    I have sent several emails already and have not gotten any response. you said to send to sales and i did. I also called and left a VM and i have not heard back.
    fchavez09 ·
    Happy Thanksgiving Joe,

    I called and left a voicemail concerning the superpro bushings. I have been charged for them but i don't have any receipt or any way of seeing the order status.
    Thank You and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. looking foreword to the black friday sale!
    Ske7ch ·
    Afternoon Joe, been trying to get ahold of you the past couple days concerning my parts. Thanks!
    cajual ·
    Joe, I was advised in a post that you perform VQ swaps on '06 SER Spec-Vs and would to discuss this with you if it is actually an option. Shoot me a message here or feel free to email me at [email protected]
    nukedog ·
    Joe I am down for another round of plenums! Wish I didn't bail out but my finances are under control this paycheck lol
    Nspire21 ·
    Hey Joe!
    First off, I wanna thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to these QR motors, I'm a huge fan and follower. Moving forward (lol), I want to buy a set of your new rods, but I need to know which set you recommend. I'm building for turbo, I want to top my car off at 400whp (not sure how much that is to the crank), let me know which set can hold that kind of power. Also, will these be a direct fit on the wiseco 8.2:1 forged pistons? One more question, please let me know what's the exact weight of the rods you recommend to me (with rod bolts included). Thank you so much for your time and effort to read and respond :D

    Gilo ·
    i am from Puerto Rico and here are few who struggle with these cars and would like to know what size is the catback and if it comes with some additional resonator, among other things I asks you if you do not mind my email is [email protected]
    03specvvictor ·
    Hey joe wanted to know if u had the alternator relocation or the new part that is In production I really need one ASAP if u can please contact me thank you
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