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  • nukedog ·
    Got your coils Peter. Thanks for all the help. I will be looking for some seat covers and a sun shade soon :D
    awoyoshix ·
    Yo dude! It's Peter (from that random car show from a few weeks ago)! What was the name of the facebook group you were talking about?
    martraykov ·
    Since you work for Nissan I might get a hold of you if I ever need anything imported from the US :) I've looked up most of the parts on FAST and luckily for me the Euro models share a decent bit of them. Body parts are unique to the Sentra though and the shipping quotes are insane. I got quoted $900 for a front bumper shipped to BG. I can hook you up with QR20 pistons if you ever decide to go that route.
    martraykov ·
    Аз живях във Флорида 8 години, купих си я нова и си я докарах. Иначе виждам една се продава от повече от година в Казанлък, ама е 1.8 автомат. Сентрата, знаеш, се предлага само за Северна Америка. B15 e еквивалента на европейската Алмера (N16), купетата са различни и Алмерите не се предлагат с QR25.
    pandaspec ·
    yea the lip does that a little bit, like sits at a 45 degree angle in the center, you can do what i did
    mount the lip
    then heat up the center with a blow-dryer or heatr gun till its to hot to touch
    then with gloves on, push the center section down into the bumper untill it cools off and it will "mold" or move to how ever you put it
    thats the beauty of polyurethane
    Vortexspinny ·
    the tear is deep into the fibers and hod itself, the fiber is torn persay, im whilling to get ride of it at $100obo its just taking up room in my house lol
    khugs21 ·
    Whats up man, yes i still have the torque damper if you want it, i just posted it on ebay but if you want it let me know we could meet up. its $100. also im out in shirley long island but i could take a little trip.
    Cappasjr ·
    i traded my pink 02 stockers for these 04s.. the kid that had these 04s repainted them OEM silver.. i mean they dont look THAT bad but am anal person and want shit perfect u noe lol.. so i was plannign on repainting them silver with better paint but id rather see if anyone wants to trade first ya noe.. ill take pics if you still interested bro.. hit me up 609 933 1026
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