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    Roberts95 ·
    Mình làm quen nhé ? Mình là Minh Anh mình quê ở hải Phòng hiện mình đang sống ở Hà Nôi. Mình năm nay 17t .


    phu nu va tinh yeu -roi loan noi tiet to nu - suc khoe phu nu tien man kinh - *
    Supa1.8 ·
    Also Im trying to have another meet this Aug. 247th and 28th but i have some other dudes from this other site thats goin to try to help me out wit it. I posted up the info on here so look it over and let me know what u way about it. Thanx.
    Supa1.8 ·
    hell yeah but it will be a minute cause money is kind of tight and Im trying to get these bills up to parr right but i will truly let u know asap. Thanx. Also if u do sell them to another person, it would be fine bro and i may find another set somewhere else.
    Supa1.8 ·
    Dang, oh well going to Cali should be better than going to this meet. Cause u might see better lookin' cars over there than round here. lol... Be safe bro.
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