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    Roberts95 ·
    Mình làm quen nhé ? Mình là Hồng mình quê ở hải Phòng hiện mình đang sống ở Hà Nôi. Mình năm nay 17t .


    benh phu nu tien man kinh -roi loan noi tiet to nu - suc khoe tien man kinh - *
    tacoerick ·
    Hey sammy I saw u have a nismo lip,not sure if its installed on the car, would u be interested in selling it? It ll go to a good home =)lol
    loesk ·
    Hi Sammy,
    The alternator tests 14 five times, I went from dealer x2 to autozone x2 and walmart x1 and mechanic x1all tell me aternator works great and shows 14 on the meters. Cruise shuts off as soon as CC lites come on at >43 MPH and now stay on even at 30 MPH.
    Fuses have been checked. cruise lights also flickers.
    Ricardo86 ·
    SAMMY!!! its Ricardo. i wanted to see if u could help me out man. im lookin to get another spec in a few weeks. id like to find a boosted one or a vq swapped. any idea where i can find a good deal?
    thesammythecurse ·
    There should be a few shots in my showoff somewhere. I couldn't imagine I left pics of it out. Lol.

    Waiting for 2jr to get the brackets in, I did order 30mm calipers though :)
    thesammythecurse ·
    All cold air intakes on the sentra go down the side, and yes there us a filter on the end, which sits in front of the wheel, in the wheel well behind the wheel liner. Lol. If you go under your car, turn the wheel all the way to the right, you can remove some tabs on the liner and look inside, it's just empty space and thats where the filter sits.

    Pop your hood and look around where you see my piping disappear, on your car you'll have a hole there. It's not quite big enough to fit the CAI, so either use a dremel to grind it down, or grab some hefty pliers and bend it back to make enough room.
    soulplane ·
    Hey wats up man lmk ask u a question I saw the pic of your an engine bay and I saw ur intake on it andbi wanna kno how your intaje set up is like do u have a fikter cinnected to the end of it and were does it get air by since its probly in the frobt of the bumper can u give ne sone details plz
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