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  1. B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Was wondering if anybody else has experienced this issue and figured out for sure what it was? every time somebody sits in the back of my 04 spec v, the car makes annoying clunking sounds. I have a theory.. I think the exhaust is hitting either the floorboard or the rear axle when weight is...
  2. B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Anybody selling the mesh grille for years 04-06? The $150 everybody wants online seems a bit ridiculous for a piece of plastic..
  3. Parts Wanted
    blew my motor and need another one . located in orlando fl and would like to have proof of it running it would have to be shipped. if u have one i can be reached on here or text 407-552-8674 thanks
  4. Parts Wanted
    I bought my headlamps off eBay about a year and a half ago. Recently I was pulled over for supposedly having my highbeams on. Turns out the reflectors are broken and can't be adjusted. Anyway, I'm willing to pay $50 OBO for a good pair of used Spec V headlamps. I want to keep it local so...
1-4 of 4 Results