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  1. Member Feedback
    I was very interested in the dual gauge Pod that Sharkey produced that surrounded the OE Gauge cluster. After 4 or 5 PM's I decided to order from Sharkey, after seeing all the positive reviews. >1/10/2012 -I sent $140 +3% PayPal fees >1/11/2012 -Shipped my OE gauge surround to Sharkey...
  2. Member Feedback
    Took almost $6,000 from me for a "Vq-swap-in-a-box" 6 months ago and never sent me anything. This is my last place to find help, before I meet with my attorney on Friday. I have made every attempt to get in touch with Travis, but he either ignores me for months on end, or says "he's working on...
1-2 of 2 Results