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  1. Member Rides and Project Cars
    Hey guys. New here, just picked up this 2004 Nissan sentra SER SPEC V. 99,000 miles.
  2. Exterior Modifications, Paint and Bodywork
    I am wanting to paint my roof because the clear and some paint is gone... But i was also thinking of painting stripes on my car, I did a quick edit (not my actual car in the photo) I was thinking the stripes going down the whole car and on the roofthey will be inverted so the majority of the...
  3. Interior Modifications
    So, I got tired of the blue interior with the carbon fiber pieces, decided to go black. Started my blacked out interior and thought I would share it. This year I do plan on incorporating custom things that have yet to or might not have been done already.
  4. Southeast
    Saw it going East on I-20 at mile marker 128 around 2/3 Pm. It looked stock, but still sweet non-the-less! It looked like it ?might? have been lowered? Looked like darkly tinted windows. Stock 17's. If you're out there and see this, your baby's sweet!!!
  5. Parts for Sale
    4 enkei PKR 17x7 +42s 4x114.3 bolt pattern just made the 5 lug swap and need to get rid of these, all of them balance out, and were just balanced but the tires are pretty shot..i can take them of and just sell the wheels tho without a problem theyre all pretty good condition, but there not...
  6. Parts for Sale
    For sale is a black trunk in good condition w/ no emblems and Black spoiler in good condition. Small blemish (see pictures). - $80 Also have an iced cappucino trunk (gold/beige) in good condition, just a few scratches. - $80 Prefer not to ship the trunk or spoiler, I'm in the Northern VA/DC...
  7. Parts for Sale
    I'm selling 4 like new Status Dystany wheels. Purchased less than a year ago and used for about six months. The asking price is $950 or best offer
  8. Parts Wanted
    so im lookin for a rear passenger door, preferably black. appearently some didnt like mine so they backed into me and drove off... probably some honda punk. but plz hit me up if you have one i can buy from you. 2004 SER SPEC V "fuck your honda"
1-10 of 10 Results