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  1. Silent Shaft Delete

    Parts Wanted
    Never got around to installing that silent shaft delete kit? I could use it. I'm racing on a tight budget and would gladly send you track photos of the car with your kit in it. Just looking for a reduced price, say $75.00 delivered. . . Thanks for looking!
  2. Wtb: qr25de bsr kit, solid mounts, 04-06 rear O2 sensor

    Parts Wanted
    Im looking for a qr25de balance shaft removal kit, front/rear solid motor mounts, 04-06 rear O2 sensor. Pm me ur price and shipped to 68022. Thanks alot. Or can text me at 402-669-7971. Names brian
  3. Balance Shaft Chain Cutting

    Sentra Specific Installation Guides,Technical Info
    Here's another write-up: http://www.b15u.com/sentra-specific-installation-guides-technical-info/16792-qr25de-free-balance-shaft-removal.html Here's the JWT write-up for their kit...
  4. Tapping the Oil Pan (BSR kit vs. No BSR Kit)

    Forced Induction & Supporting Modifications
    Hey im currently workin on my setup and just had one simple question, i did the bsr kit awhile back and when i bought the turbo the kid told me where to tap the oil pan. but he dont got the bsr kit (Or the extra quart of oil). So i was just wondering if i shoul tap it at the same point or...