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burning oil

  1. Looking for a QR25DE engine!!

    Hey all! Got some issues with my engine in my baby, she's burning ALOT of oil and I just don't know what I should do. So I've come to the conclusion that I should just junk the engine and try to find one here in Canada, I am on a budget but I'd like to see if you guys could help me out some...
  2. QR25DE Nissan excessive oil consumption

    Troubleshooting and Support
    Hi, this is my first post on this forum, ever through i have been lunking for the past 6 months. But this time I need your help. For the past 2 months or so, my car has been burning at least 1 pint of 5w30 per 500 km. So yesterday I did a compression test, I got these results 125-120-120-118...
  3. can someone tell me what they think is wrong with engine.

    Troubleshooting and Support
    this is what car does when i rev it. it doesn't smoke at idle, or when i hold it below 4,000. above that it smokes like you see. do you think that its valve guides or valve guide seals. thanks
  4. burning oil. how do i fix?

    Troubleshooting and Support
    i have on 03 ser with 140k miles. it burns a little oil and and smokes over 4500 rpms. how do i fix this? do i need new rings or is it something else. i really hope it's nothing major. any help would be much appreciated. :icon16:
  5. I don't speak "mechanic" Please help translate

    General Maintenance
    Recently, my 2003 Sentra Spec-V has been running like crap. I have always performed scheduled maintenance, had a tune up less than 3000 miles ago but it's just not that fun to drive anymore. It's making some wierd noises now and, since last maintenance, I have had to add oil twice because there...