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  1. Clutch

    B16 Sentra (2007-2013)
    So, this is going to be more than likely a very obscenely stupid question. But, two questions. I wanted to know the location of a few parts as well as I need help possibly diagnosing a problem. First, I want to know, where is the clutch master and slave cylinder for a Spec V? I know it seems...
  2. 02-06 clunk noise when clutch is dumped

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    I drive and 02 se-r spec v. A couple days ago i dumped the clutch and heard a loud clunk noise coming from the engine bay. I drove it today and it made the noise again when i dumped it from a standstill. Car is still running perfectly but the noise is scarring me and im afraid it'll turn into...
  3. How To- Clutch Hydraulic system install (Master + Slave + line)

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    So I had my clutch start acting up so I replaced the hydraulics. This is how to do it. First pop that hood and get the air intake assembly out of the way, unplug the MAF and remove the vent hose. Avoid touching the throttle body, I've heard their fickle. Next you probably want to flush the...
  4. 04-06 Some questions for the 2006 Spec V Rebuild

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    I'm somewhat new to this forum (I made a post a while back) and I was wondering if this would be the best section to ask a couple of questions as I fix my 2006 Spec V. I got the car in June and a month later the engine went out. During this time, the car was left alone as I had no funds to be...
  5. JWT Clutch and Flywheel for 2003 Spec V

    Parts for Sale
    Hey guys, i used to have a 2003 Spec V and purchased this for that car. Sadly it never got installed and I no longer have the Spec. I am selling this kit as is since it has been sitting for some time in my garage. Please reference pics for condition. The steel surface of the flywheel needs to...
  6. Troubleshooting

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Hey I'm troubleshooting my transmission and I would appreciate any help or advice. So my problem is that no power from the engine ever reaches the wheel. If the car is level on the ground and you put it into any gear, you can push it or it'll roll away. This problem happened after...
  7. Flywheel

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    So I've searched the forums for flywheel/pressure plate compatible and haven't found anything. My question is i have the jwt clutch kit and I damaged the forks on my pressure plate so power wont ever go to the wheels. :/ Will a stock or other pressure plate mate up with the jwt clutch and...
  8. Pressure Plate

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Hey guys I've been troubleshooting my car for a few years with on an off problems and I believe it's almost complete. Everything on the engine side functions properly, but I have an issue somewhere after the crank on the transmission side. I am not too familiar with all car terms, but I believe...
  9. Clutch goes straight to the floor...?

    Transmissions, Clutches, etc.
    I own a 2002 Nissan Sentra S-ER SpecV Today when I went to drive and the clutch goes straight to the floor, it still shifts, it still drives, it still springs back up, but it goes straight to the floor. Does this mean it is time for a new clutch or what's going on?
  10. Clutch problem.

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Ok guys my throwout bearing was going out so a few of us got together and ripped the transmission out and replaced the throwout bearing as well as a brand new clutch. Heres the problem we put everything back together smoothly and bleed the clutch for about 2 1/2 hrs and still cant get the car to...
  11. Hello from the Boston area! ('05 SpecV from FL)

    Hey! Glad to finally be a part of this community! I got my 2005 Se-R SpecV about 3-4 months ago and I am in love with this car. It is sooo drivable and not to bad on gas when I drive conservatively.. But my main push to join the forum was to learn more and ask for some advice. I'm not a...
  12. QG18DE FS: NEW UR Unorthodox Racing Clutch and Flywheel - Northern VA

    Parts for Sale
    I have a brand new Unorthodox Racing Clutch and Flywheel for the 1.8 Nissan Sentra from 2000 - 2006 with the QG18DE motor. The cheapest I found these online was $860 for the pair. I'm asking $500 for the set and it's brand new, still in the box. The flywheel is good for 10+ hp (I can't seem to...
  13. QR25DE Fs: Cleaning out aftermarket parts: HOTSHOT, ACT, UPREV READY 06 ECU, BC3,

    Parts for Sale
    selling my hotshot gen 3. shows 1 O2 sensor hole since it was the last generation and also comes with the bracket to support it on the block. previous versions didn't have this. can be used for 02-06. (02-03 need to put 2nd O2 into the midpipe) off the car and ready to ship. i think it...
  14. FS: JWT Clutch/ Flywheel Combo Kit QR25DE 2.5L

    Parts for Sale
    I just ordered a JWT Clutch / Flywheel combo kit for my Spec V and just my luck, I blew the head gasket before the kit was even shipped. Because of this I have decided to scrap the car and move on to a new project (I'm thinking G35). So rather then giving $160 to JWT as a...
  15. QR25DE Oem clutch/lightweight flywheel or stage 2 ?

    Transmissions, Clutches, etc.
    As the title says I'm definitely putting a clutch in my car in the next few months. I already purchased the exedy oem replacement for an excellent price. I know exedy is a good and reputable company so I was ok with the purchase. However, I'm seeing it more and more that this is not that great...