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  1. Naturally Aspirated (NA)
    So I want a short ram intake on my car cause I'm cheap and we get a lot of rain and snow. I don't want to pay 180 for an sri! So could I just put a cone filter on stock intake tubing? How would that sound since the intake resonator will still be on or is there a way to delete that? Or could I...
  2. Naturally Aspirated (NA)
    Would a cheap CAI, on eBay going for about $50, with a universal K&N cone air filter work as well as an AEM Injen CAI? This way it would at least save me about 60% of the cost it would take for an AEM CAI.
  3. Naturally Aspirated (NA)
    Which do you think is better? I just got my DC Sports Header and Mangaflow Exhaust on now I need an intake. If Neither of the two, Which do you perfer and Why? Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results