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  1. Interior Modifications
    Thought I might share my recent interior work on my Sentra. I have a 2000 GXE (yes, an automatic) and decided to install an OBX carbon fiber automatic push bottom shifter with a Sons of Anarchy bandana, hints the skull part of the bandana. Any questions, etc. post them in a response. Thank you.
  2. Interior Modifications
    So, I got tired of the blue interior with the carbon fiber pieces, decided to go black. Started my blacked out interior and thought I would share it. This year I do plan on incorporating custom things that have yet to or might not have been done already.
  3. B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    So, I am going to do a custom shift boot in my car but am in need of ideas, but I also just want to see what other drivers have/use/prefer/etc. I am looking for pictures of shift boots, thank you.
  4. B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    What is that one thing on your Sentra that sets is apart? I'm not asking for like a turbo, we all I think have that thing that is not seen everyday, more out-of-the-norm. Post a picture too. Mine: Billet grille Front door speaker inserts P.S. I'm not saying these two things haven't been done...
  5. B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    So, i know about Jim Wolf Technology and 2J Racing, but I was wondering if there were any other companies/etc. out there who specialize in Nissan Sentra parts? If so, any information would be great!
  6. B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    So my '05 Spec V is completely stock, and I will be getting an exhaust on Monday at a Local shop. I'm getting 2.5" piping off the cat going to a Magnaflow muffler, no resonator. My thing is, I want a nice rumble (deep, low tone) - no rasp in the higher RPM, but I still want it to sound good...
  7. B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Hey guys im a little new to this and im sure someone has already found this but i found a guy in Rhode Island that does custom gauges pods for any car/make/model. He has alot of listed one for my 04 SpecV and wanted to share the info to everyone that doesnt want to do the typical three gauge a...
  8. Forced Induction & Supporting Modifications
    I've got an 04 spec v that I'm gonna start mocking up custom turbo tubing. I plan on having the turbo inline with my exhaust like down by the oil pan, kinda similar to like the sts turbo kits. I only plan on running 7ish psi. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. I'll be adding photos as I go.
  9. Transmissions, Clutches, etc.
    Kid I bought the car from had a yellow bandana as a boot, had to rip it out because considering both the places I live and work, and my luck, I'd definitely get a gang related tire slashing or window smashing. Got a yard of vinyl for like 3 bucks and stitched together my own boot. I think it...
  10. B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    OMG :newbie: HERE Hi guys as you can see i am new to this forums. Well i have a red 02 Spec-V and want to do some cosmetic stuff on it. Well to start of what color bulbs i should have on my headlights and Fog lights. ( considering its a red car.) What color should i make the Rims. I will...
1-10 of 10 Results