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cylinder head

  1. CFM Flowbench for QR25 Gen 1 & 2 heads

    Engine Swaps, Builds
    Anyone interested in having this info? Finally found a shop willing to bench these cylinder heads (Tom @ Portflow Design). Extremely valuable info. Its $100/per head. And Im just a fellow broke dck sentra owner. IF we can gather interest, and you're willing to donate. let me know.. I have access...
  2. B15 QR25DE parts for sale!

    Parts for Sale
    I have for sale 2 crankshafts, a new cylinder head (less than 1,000 miles) and factory coil springs off of my 06 QR25 spec-v. Anyone interested please pm me with an offer and for a shipping quote. Thanks! I also am parting out another QR25 engine. So let me know if you could use anything! (The...
  3. 02-03 Cylinder head or rebuilt engine?

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Alright, engine burns oil, was precat, swapped my header out when I bought my spec two years ago. Just getting worse and I'm sick of it, I want my baby to run like she should. I don't have time to rebuild the engine myself, so I'm not sure on whether I should just grab a rebuilt QR or just...