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deer park

  1. tweb14 / 05 spec / long island

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    sup. some of u know me ... most of u dont .. my cars ugly.. and im ok with that lol mods - nismo catback, xs midpipe/racepipe/header, nismo cai, ghetto bsr and alot of sound stuff, kicker amp, 12"cvx , 4awg kicker wires, pioneer deck, polk components in the front, polk 2 ways in teh back. i...
  2. Deer park / north bab autozone

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    i think you work there..its a red 02/03 debadged front grille...u always park next to the lil island thing ... ive seen u there at least 3 or 4 times...car looks really nice, just wondering if your on here
  3. Sr20det Head

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    Selling my Sr20det bluebird head, head was built in January of ’09. Here are the specs; Port and polished gasket matched intake and exhaust ports Brian Crower +1mm 31.15mm exhaust valves Brian Crower Bronze exhaust valve guides All new valve seals Brian Crower valve springs and retainers...
  4. Sr20det block

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    Selling my sr20det bluebird block, block was built in December ’08. Here are the specs: Bored and honed to 86.5mm with torque plate Polished and balanced crank Drilled and tapped for Mazworx ½” head studs 86.5mm 9:1 Wiseco Pistons with upgraded wrist pins Total Seal file fit piston rings...
  5. rollin to deer park ave tn

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    yo im headin out to deer park ave tn....hit me up if u wanna meet up...516-375-6922
  6. Selling Winter Tire and Rim Set for Spec V and also an Amp and Box combo CHEAP! Must Go!

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    Selling Winter Tire and Rim Set for Spec V and also an Amp and Box combo CHEAP! Must Go! If you want something, call me. i will not check the forum most likely. 6316813877. Selling my 15" M&S Winterforce tires on rims already. two are worn half way, backs are brand new. Very Very nice winter...
  7. noob from queenz here. b13 se-r

    hi guys..just checking in. i didnt know about this wesite until today. i head of it from the forums. i hope its nice here. i have a 94 sentra se-r. all motor. just the basic- intake, clutch, headers, exhaust, flywheel ,and highport cams. however i just had a minor front end hit...but so my car...
  8. My 2003 Sentra SER Spec-v Molten Silver w/ mods 4 SALE!!!!

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    My Profile has a lot of information about my car in it I have a UR Crank Pulley, DC Sport 3 Peice Ceramic Race Header with custom spliced cat and Magnaflow Catback. 7 Series Pioneer Premeir Radio with nice system, K&N Cold Air Intake, 17" nismo wheels and the car drives and runs Perfect! It...
  9. Sentra's over-run Belt Pkwy

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Were u guys comin from Deer Park when me and my boys ran up on u guys? I dunno exactly who u are by names on the forum but if u know what I'm talkin bout, present yourself. We were comin from eating at BBQ's on Sunrise. I find it ironic how we came across u guys. Sorry I ran up on ya'll like...