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  1. Engine Swaps, Builds
    Changed the valve cover and the gasket today,somehow the gasket broke and my engine was spiting oil out the back.. a lot. Anyways, there is a knock at 2100rpm and i am also not making much power so i need new engine or rebuild i am positive. what affordable parts would u put on the car. was...
  2. Racing: Street, Strip and Road
    H23 Hondas Blue Top "Mystery Motor" Swapped 96 Accord coupe VS shortcut10s Spec LMFAO So let me start off by saying I NEVER post threads in this section because I think of it as stupid.... well now I'm stupid and a hypocrite lol.... So last night a good friend of mine calls me up and says...
  3. Racing: Street, Strip and Road
    whats up guys, this is for all the people making some nice power that have ran it at the track with street tires. simple question, what launch technique works best for you with street tires at the track?
1-3 of 4 Results