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  1. Aaron's 06 spec v

    Member Rides and Project Cars
    I've always had my eyes on a spec v since the first one I seen roll threw my town a couple years back. I bought my first v (a silver 04) when I found out I was becoming a dad and needed a 4 door lol then like an idiot I traded it for a 99 gst cause it was already turbo and I thought fast ha...
  2. injectors wanted

    Parts Wanted
    Anyone selling aftermarket injectors to fit an 04 spec v or know a good place to find them for a good price ? Need some for my turbo project
  3. turbo

    Tuning & Engine Management
    I have an 04 spec v that I'm fixing to turbo and using safc2 to tune it but I live about 50 miles from somewhere that can tune the car for me...is there any way I can tune it myself to make it driveable or am I better off having it towed?
  4. Gettin' My Car "Dynoed" After Work

    Tuning & Engine Management
    Wassup Guys, Today after work, my co-worker a "Honda Head with a K swapped hatchback" is gonna dyno my car off his laptop..... weird cuz he's not gonna use a dyno machine, he says he's been tuning his car for the past year with this (link below) and says it's been the best $150 investment yet...