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  1. 02-03 Car Is Dying! I Need Help.

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Hello! I am a newer 2002 1.8 owner and have only owned it for about a month. When I bought the car I didn’t have a working radio, so I bought a new one and installed it with my electrician friend. After I installed this radio there have been numerous problems. The first problems I noticed were...
  2. QR25DE b15 QR25DE P0223, P1122, P0605, P2135. Computer or Throttle Position? 2004 Spec-V

    Troubleshooting and Support
    Drive a 2004 Nissan Sentra SE-R SPEC V. It seems I am constantly working on this car although I do love it. Just put a "new" transmission in it but the problem had persisted before this. Sometimes it drives fine then other times it will almost refuse to go(Not limp mode). Its like it either act...
  3. 04-06 Running Lights not working?

    Troubleshooting and Support
    Hello, I have a 2006 spec-v and Im having an issue with my running lights (side markers, tail lights, dash lights) not working but my headlights and brake lights and turn signals still work. I know the running lights and head/brake lights are on two diff circuits, so its obviously an issue with...

    Troubleshooting and Support
    Okay, first off, I have searched the forum for over and hour and keep recieving contradicting answers, and instructions with very little information. My problem? Ive owned my car for 2 years and I have replaced about 7-8 alternators. At first I believed it was because I was running subs, but now...
  5. Possible throttle body, alternator/battery, grounding issue?

    Troubleshooting and Support
    I'm at a loss for what the problem could be but recently I'll be driving towards a destination through town and ill stop at a light, the car performing fine prior to this, and ill get the green light to go and when i engage the clutch and try to give it throttle it feels like the car is stuck at...
  6. wipers come on randomly help!!!

    Troubleshooting and Support
    It started randomly today they will come on and stay on for a few mins and cut off few mins later same thing. I dont even know were to check how to fix any help is appreciated its an 04 spec
  7. HELP! 06 spec-v... no windows, air or heat

    Troubleshooting and Support
    My 06 sentra-v has major electrical issues. Started in fall of 2008 with windows and heat only working when the weather was warm. In fall of 2009 windows, heat and ac quit working completely. Dealership said the wire harness was fried, but 2 weeks after diagnostic everything work for all of 5...
  8. QG18DE URGENT! Power to ground issue? Electrical Prob

    Troubleshooting and Support
    Alright a little while back i started mentioning an issue that i was having. My car felt like it was in limp mode. Or some Sensor problem. My car would not have the usual spunk it normally did and the whole slowly climbed in rpm then normal.. I was told the issue is with in either my maf...
  9. 02-03 Electric Door Lock Problems

    Troubleshooting and Support
    After working perfectly for 5 years the interior electric locks just stopped working today. I can stil lock the doors with either the key fob or the key itself, but the interior electric locks are no longer working. I didnt have the key in the ignition or the headlights on. It also didnt lock...