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  1. front end feels loose in turns

    Troubleshooting and Support
    hi every1 got a question about my steering. when going into a moderate turn doing say 40mph and up my front end seems to loose majority of grip for a moment. if im in a turn and i accelerate out of it i seems to just do what ever it wants. and when i say accelerate out of a turn i dont mean...
  2. Ft: oem yellow 02-03 spec-v front end for any 04-06 front end.

    Parts for Sale
    I am possibly looking to trade my whole sunburst yellow 03 ser front end for any color 04-06 complete front end. If anyone is interested just let me know. Thanks
  3. front end swaps? whos looking to trade?

    Parts Wanted
    for just shits and giggles and future reference. im looking to swap my 04-06 front end for the 02-03 spec v model. im not to interested in the gxe unless you have a decent looking lip! im pending some parts for sale on ebay and waiting for the taxs to roll in, so lets speculate and make it...