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  1. Meets, Events and Coverage
    It's that time again...not really, but close enough. I figured I'd get this thread going early, so that everyone has ample time to plan. If you frequent the forum chatbox you have probably seen the word Helen thrown around quite a bit. This is the city in North GA that we held the last meet at...
  2. Meets, Events and Coverage
    *Updated 7/2/13* Woohooooo! It's mountain time :) Summer is here and a few of us Georgia folk would like to meet up in North GA. This would give everyone an opportunity to get acquainted with each other. So far the plan is to meet in Helen, where we can hang out, eat, sleep, etc. I think Helen...
  3. Southeast
    Saw it going East on I-20 at mile marker 128 around 2/3 Pm. It looked stock, but still sweet non-the-less! It looked like it ?might? have been lowered? Looked like darkly tinted windows. Stock 17's. If you're out there and see this, your baby's sweet!!!
1-3 of 3 Results