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  1. All B15 Models Need Help ASAP with Installing DDM H11 HID Foggies!!

    Audio, Lighting, Alarms, Gauges and Misc ICE
    I have a 2005 Special Edition and the DDM Tuning H11 HID fog light kit. I have tried installing it, but it doesn't seem to work! (No, I did not blow a fuse.) Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I'm not the greatest with modifying electrical things on my car. The link/photo shows how I...
  2. Retrofits-R-Us: projector retrofitting and other custom headlight services etc.

    Members Services
    Hey guys! My name is Chris and I have my own little "business" here where I do projector retrofitting, other custom headlight services and OBDII scanning/erasing of codes. If some of you remember me from a few years back, I used to sell HID kits on here. I was recently going to get into custom...
  3. 04-06 HID problem

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Hey guys, I have an 06 Spec V, and I installed one of DDM's Hi/Lo bi-xenon HID kits about two months ago. The highs and lows worked just fine... and the kit itself seemed to be working alright. Minus me having to repeatedly turn on and off my lights in order to get both ballasts to fire every...
  4. 02-03 HID problem help please!

    Audio, Lighting, Alarms, Gauges and Misc ICE
    So i have 2 HID Kits installed for my headlights with 10000k Bulbs installed. My problem with them is that they are not bright enough as they should be and they are not the color they should be either. They are supposed to be a bluish color. But they turn really white and are not bright at...
  5. All B15 Models My HID setup! 10k headlights 3k Fogs!

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Just got these installed the other week let me know your opinion! 10000k on headlights. easy install. 3000k on Fogs took more time had to mod it up a little bit. Highway
  6. All B15 Models yellow tint film or Stain glass spray for fogs? Help!

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Im installing my HIDs both 10k headlights and 3k fogs.. and i want to make it look cleaner with the yellow fogs instead of clear. Should i buy stain glass spray or yellow tint for the fogs? is there any difference? like would it make my yellow hids a different color with the spray or film...
  7. QR25DE Advice on Window tint black 03 spec v

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    So im wondering if i should get my windows tinted or not... My spec is black with the stock 17" rims. One friend of mine says it looks clean without it, another tells me to Do 5% in the back and 15% in the front.. Oh and im installing 10000K HID headlights and 3000K Yellow fogs. What are your...
  8. HID Kit SALE!! ($59.99) - BuyHIDs.com

    Vendor Deals
    BuyHIDs.com Intro Sale! **No Hassle Warranty** www.BuyHIDs.com ALL CANADA ORDERS WILL HAVE NO FEES WHEN DELIVERED One of the best Digital HID Kits on the market without all the fancy box's and stickers to save you MONEY! As with all of our kits, they are PLUG AND PLAY. All of our kits are...
  9. Retro Time!

    Audio, Lighting, Alarms, Gauges and Misc ICE
    No not as in getting down 70's retro but I'm finally ready to retrofit a set of nice projectors into some headlights. When I saw the how to retrofit thread over in the "how to" section, it just gave me that motivation to actually get all the parts and materials finally. I also bought a second...