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  1. Interior Modifications
    I need some information on how to do it without cutting up my dash
  2. Vehicle Part Outs
    PARTING OUT 2002 Vibrant Blue SE-R, 124k miles. All interior pieces still remain. Exterior has some wear. Passenger Fender is dented. Hood is covered in black plastidip and is still in good condition. Air conditioning and power steering system still present. Engine and exhaust already sold...
  3. Introductions
    I have an 02 spec v 6speed with the red interior. Motor rebuilt by dallas city motor suply and has 23k on it the tranny and ecu. Parting out. Everything is for sale
  4. Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for a back seat and the center vent/console for a 03
  5. B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Is it just me or do every used spec v not come with floormats? I know a few people, including myself who all bought our car used, and none of them came with the mats. EIther way, anyone know of a reasonably priced place to get them besides ebay? all I see on ebay are lava ones or what the seller...
  6. Interior Modifications
    Thought I might share my recent interior work on my Sentra. I have a 2000 GXE (yes, an automatic) and decided to install an OBX carbon fiber automatic push bottom shifter with a Sons of Anarchy bandana, hints the skull part of the bandana. Any questions, etc. post them in a response. Thank you.
  7. Interior Modifications
    So, I got tired of the blue interior with the carbon fiber pieces, decided to go black. Started my blacked out interior and thought I would share it. This year I do plan on incorporating custom things that have yet to or might not have been done already.
  8. Parts Wanted
    i have a 2005 spec v black interior mint little wear on the drivers seat wanting 2 trade for lava interior can add boot if it is really clean :47:
  9. Parts Wanted
    Just looking for certain parts and am seeing what this can offer. I have a 2000 GXE but need some parts to swap looks when wanted. So here goes... IF POSSIBLE, PLEASE SEND ME PHOTOS/OR POST PHOTOS. I AM LOCATED IN IOWA. 1. 02-03 SER/Spec-V front bumper 2. 00-06 spoiler 3. GXE (tan) front...
1-9 of 9 Results