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  1. My ride

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    2002 Spec V First time here hopping I could be part of this community and be able to learn from you guys. If in any thing can be of any help, I will be glad to do so.
  2. What's going on

    What's up drivers this is my first time doing a forum. My uncle introduce me to this site since I just got a sentra. Right now it's just a regular looking car but I have ideas of what I want to put for the interior and of course the paint job. I'm no racer I just like seeing how others hook...
  3. Sup B15U

    The names Vic, nice to meet you guys. Just got into the Nissan game, hope to receive generous help in upgrades yet to come :cool2:
  4. Just getting started

    I finally decided to register to this site, although i've been watching it for a while. My name is Jason, I live 75 miles north of Las Vegas, Nv. I've got a 2004 SpecV, the exterior is stock and not in the best of shape and thats why I don't have any pics to drop on here yet...I have put on the...
  5. introducing myself

    hi my name is ryan and i drive a 2003 ser. i have owned it for almost a year. i live in mt. juliet, tn. my sentra is slowly coming a long. i have i/h/e and i just ordered the jwt balance shaft removal so it'll be installed soon. i plan to turbo my car by next spring. i have a ton of questions...