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lowering springs

  1. All B15 Models Eibach Springs FS B15 130+ SH

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    Anyone want to buy my eibach prokit springs? 130+ shipping pics coming soon! Thanks, Bret 502 424 3363
  2. What Lowering Springs Should I Get?

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    I have an 03 Sentra SER Spec V and Im in the market to buy lowering springs that will give me a minimum drop of 2 inches. I'am having difficulty choosing between tanabe df210's and megan racing drop springs. I want to know which is the better buy for my money and if there are any other lowering...
  3. All B15 Models H&R Springs with 215/45/17?

    Suspension, Chassis & Braking
    Hey. I am going to buy the H&R lowering springs and I am running a tire size all around of 215/45/17. Does anybody have a photo of how it looks with that tire size and the H&R springs? I HAVE LOOKED THROUGH THREADS AND SEE NOTHING ABOUT EXACT TIRE SIZE. So please do not tell me to go looking...
  4. QR25DE best struts for lowering springs??

    Suspension, Chassis & Braking
    Im getting a set of tanabe DF210 lowering springsfor my 05 spec v. what would be the best struts to pair them with?? a link would be awesome
  5. 02-06 Eibach Pro-Kit - FS - SoCal

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    $160 local pickup or meet somewhere near north OC. I am selling my Pro-Kit Springs (6362.140). I had these on my '05 Spec for a few years but honestly can't remember how many miles I had when I installed them. Doesn't feel like too long ago but time flies. They are in good shape tho. I can...
  6. All B15 Models Ground Control/Koni Sport for Sale

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    I had these on my car for about 6 months. Only put about 2k miles on them at most. I switched to D2 Coilovers. Everything is in very good condition. Struts are NOT blown. This will include another set of front springs. Current springs on the front are ERS 6"(Tried to go lower) and the original...