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  1. 80% Full Turbo Kit. Treadstone,EMUSA Hybrid kit. Downpipe + Midpipe. Pick Up ONLY NYC

    Parts for Sale
    Finally, the kit is off and I decided to go naturally aspirated for reliability and daily driver and for my brother to use for school. I will list the parts. -EMUSA T4 50 trim turbo charger. I had it on for less than 200 miles lmao. No shaftplay and blades are clean -Treadstone Cast Turbo...
  2. GB!! 2JR SuperPro LCA!! PLACE ORDERS NOW $319

    Vendor Deals
    As Joe has said "If someone can get a group buy going - I can do the Bushings for $159 (min 10 sets) and the SuperPro LCAs for $349 (10 sets). And the GB includes free shipping." I know I want the superpro LCAs. Please if your interested make sure money is on hand for when we have 10 buyers...
  3. Why i will never buy another OBX product again.... complete piece of trash

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    After 4 days on the car: After 15 months on the car: