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  1. 80% Full Turbo Kit. Treadstone,EMUSA Hybrid kit. Downpipe + Midpipe. Pick Up ONLY NYC

    Parts for Sale
    Finally, the kit is off and I decided to go naturally aspirated for reliability and daily driver and for my brother to use for school. I will list the parts. -EMUSA T4 50 trim turbo charger. I had it on for less than 200 miles lmao. No shaftplay and blades are clean -Treadstone Cast Turbo...
  2. GB!! 2JR SuperPro LCA!! PLACE ORDERS NOW $319

    Vendor Deals
    As Joe has said "If someone can get a group buy going - I can do the Bushings for $159 (min 10 sets) and the SuperPro LCAs for $349 (10 sets). And the GB includes free shipping." I know I want the superpro LCAs. Please if your interested make sure money is on hand for when we have 10 buyers...
  3. Yeah...I'm that guy.

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    I have VERY strong feelings about some things. One of those things is punk behavior...like bullying people over the internet, or threatening them...over the internet. It's dumb. This is meant for EVERYONE who it applies to...especially those who don't like me, or have a problem with my posts...
  4. Why i will never buy another OBX product again.... complete piece of trash

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    After 4 days on the car: After 15 months on the car: