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  1. MajorMods
    7.1112 Spec-V Motor Mount Inserts - $52.38 MSRP; Sale price = $45 shipped 7.3112 B15 Front Control Arm Bushings - $49.17 MSRP; Sale price = $43 shipped 7.3113 B15 Rear Trailing Arm Bushings - $52.28 MSRP; Sale price = $45 shipped 7.1110 00-06, excl. se-r & spec-v - $32.05 MSRP; Sale Price = $32...
  2. Sentra Specific Installation Guides,Technical Info
    Wanted to share with you guys on how to get wheelhop completly out. It works best with or without motor mount inserts. It stiffens up your engine so it doesnt move in between upshifts or downshifts. you will notice very lil vibration but not much. Your launching and shifting will feel so much...
  3. Naturally Aspirated (NA)
    Ok so heres the deal, this thread is for all the new 1.8 owners on here who have questions and dont feel the need to do any research. So here you go, a thread based solely on 1.8 Engine, and Suspension parts. Yes, its lots to read but you're going to have to suck it up because researching all of...
  4. Parts for Sale
    progress rear sway bar with hardware. 19mm i believe and you have to drill the trailing arms. 80$ Energy suspension motor mount inserts in black. 30$ and 3mm wheel spacers: 20$ all from a 03 spec v and compatible with 02-06 spec v's
  5. Sentra Specific Installation Guides,Technical Info
    There have been a lot of questions about where to start with a bone stock Spec V. It really depends on your goals for your car, the money you have to spend, and how much mechanical background you have. But I have compiled a few lists for you guys to make decisions a little easier. The first...
  6. Racing: Street, Strip and Road
    can an "94 integra with a ls/vtec (b16head) with i/h/e" can take on a "02 spec v with i/h/e with out any cats with motor mount inserts". I'm talkin about the 1/4 or the 1/8 or even a straight up street race. wuts your opinion??
  7. Naturally Aspirated (NA)
    Does anybody have any reccomendations as far as Tires for the spec v?? I have suspension energy mounts or motor mount inserts already and dont have too much wheel hop. Currently riding on Pirelli Pzero Nero Highways, and have only had the stock continental conticontact extremes before...
1-8 of 8 Results