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  1. Interior Modifications
    How do i do this on Nissan Almera 2004? I only found 1 screw on the door. Im going to put in new speakers but i dont find out how to remove the door panel. Help much appreciated
  2. All Other Nissans
    Hello I just wondered how i remove side panel on my Nissan Almera 2004? I only found 1 screw at the bottom middle of the pannel, and a removable plastic clip at top inner corner. Is there some special way to remove it or is it just force it open? I dont want to break anything on my door...
  3. Interior Modifications
    So lately there's a lot of talk about the N16 center console swap (mostly because a few of them became available via eBay). I've posted a bunch in these other threads, and I think a few of us are going different routes of how they will do their install. Rather than posting all over the place...
  4. Sentra Specific Installation Guides,Technical Info
    1.) Get N16 room bar verified fitment today :) (If you order it from Malaysia ask for a cardboard box lol) 2.) Admire 30mm diameter 3.5 lb bar. (looks beefy and is very light) 3.) See if it came with instructions. (nothing with mine... just 1 bar and 1 sticker) 4.) Take off 14mm seat...
1-4 of 4 Results