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  1. Introductions
    My 17 y.o. son just HAD to buy a yellow '03 Spec-V, even though he could not drive a manual. No biggie... that's one of the things on my DAD Qual Card. He then wanted to sell it, but I said no until his younger brother learned to drive a stick (I love the 6 speed). After learning a stick, his...
  2. Member Rides and Project Cars
    This is my new car. 2002 Nissan SE-R Spec-V 2.5L When i bought it the Spec-V had an Short Ram Intake By AEM and a magnaflow Exhaust not sure if its is cat back or not. Here is a pic I Haven't done much with it but i have a few plans. first i was looking at racing headers to match the exhaust...
1-2 of 2 Results