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  1. Suspension, Chassis & Braking
    I’m new to performance mods. My suspension on my 2011 Nissan Sentra rattles and clanks over bumps. Instead of replacing the suspension for stock I want to get coilovers but I’m completely lost when looking online since I can’t find any with good reviews. Thanks any help is appreciated
  2. B17 Sentra (2013+)
    I'm trying to find someone or a place that will make a rear window louver for my 2017 nissan sentra. I see them for almost every car but for this generation. If someone know where I can find one or can build one for me let me know leave an comment. THANKS also anything else you might have ideas...
  3. All Other Nissans
    Nissan sentra 2012, with 160k km... spends too much gas..manual car, while drivng and come to stop for a stop sign...i put the car on neutral rpm goes all the way down andup turns off.. After reading through different forums...decided to start with spark plugs and air filter...any reply / help...
  4. B16 Sentra (2007-2013)
    I want to build my 08 Sentra Spec V into a rally car? Any ideas where I can start? I know I need to raise it up a little and I will be placing costom long travel on as well, but I am looking for a place where I can get this done or a reliable online source. :confused:
  5. Member Rides and Project Cars
    :bigeyes::tongue::laughing:[ 2006 Nissan SER Spec V, great ride and great style :wave::nono:
  6. Member Rides and Project Cars
    I was told by the B15uForum to do this. Lol. Mods: Fully custom Magnaflow cat-back exhaust MeganRacing Front Upper Strut Bar (Blue) 17x7.5" DrifZ 304MB FX rims (Carbon black with machined lip) with Nexen 215/45/17 tires Custom carbon fiber interior Blue LED under-dash lights w/ more throughout...
  7. Member Rides and Project Cars
    This is my new car. 2002 Nissan SE-R Spec-V 2.5L When i bought it the Spec-V had an Short Ram Intake By AEM and a magnaflow Exhaust not sure if its is cat back or not. Here is a pic I Haven't done much with it but i have a few plans. first i was looking at racing headers to match the exhaust...
1-7 of 7 Results