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pulling yo dick
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  1. TDMi / Kuo's Garage
    We got a newest product for b15:D anyone wanna take a guess? Iit is under 50 shipped. Price is very affordable, and will be a great upgrade for any b15 even stock cars. I will present these little guys when we start shipping out our TDMimports GB lug nuts to the customers. There will be two...
  2. Racing: Street, Strip and Road
    This was on street tires, 18" at that.. power mods: -AEM CAI -custom 2&3/8" exhaust -fidanza LW flywheel & unsprung clutch -balance shaft chain cut -Ralco RZ lightweight pulley -throttle body bypass -energy motor mount inserts & wheel hop aid Probably could have gone faster with 16" wheels...
1-2 of 2 Results