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  1. Car cranks but won't start

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    I bought my first car a 2004 ser spec v 6sp man in december of 2018 and it's been sitting in my garage since then. I recently replaced the spark plugs and coils but still no start, when i crank it i can tell it reallllly wants to it just wont for some reason, hmu with your suggestions.
  2. 04-06 Some questions for the 2006 Spec V Rebuild

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    I'm somewhat new to this forum (I made a post a while back) and I was wondering if this would be the best section to ask a couple of questions as I fix my 2006 Spec V. I got the car in June and a month later the engine went out. During this time, the car was left alone as I had no funds to be...
  3. QR25DE Need to do a head gasket on an '03 SpecV. Getting quotes upwards of $2,000. Fair?

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Getting coolant into cylinder #2, time for a new head gasket! Hopefully my block isn't cracked... Anyway, is $2,000 fair for parts + labor?
  4. Spec v swap engine for sale

    Engine Swaps, Builds
    Started a swap n im not beat to finish it so I got a qr25de with trans for sale for 800 engine is from engine corpes 40-60 thou miles still have the recipt i live in nj btw [email protected] email me or pm Me n ill send you my number if you want it - - - Updated - - - Its out of a 04...
  5. QR25DE pre owned K&N CAI QR25DE 07'-12' B16

    Parts for Sale
    k and n intake for sale QR25DE 07-12 Nissan sentra $240 shipped in the United States only transaction via Paypal again this intake is used and may have small blemishes
  6. Tuning Options for 02-03 ecus Help!!!

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Ok Ive been doing some research. But Ive really been having trouble finding answers so here are my questions car info: 03 SpecV with DNA short ram intake DNA racing headers and full DNA exhaust and removed balance shaft chain lowered 2 inches on springs questions: 1) What exactly does the JWT...
  7. QR25DE K&N CAI QR25DE 07-13' B16

    Parts for Sale
    i have a k & n intake for sale fits 2.5 L B16 model sentra qr25de engine asking $240 shipped 48 states via PayPal transaction
  8. QR25DE K&N CAI QR25DE 07-11' B16

    Parts for Sale
    selling my K&N cold air intake its used and have some scruff marks will ship anywhere in the US 48 states asking $240 shipped via PayPal for 2007-2011 B16 models 2.5 engine for more info please TEXT me - (713) 480 8783 serious buyers only
  9. QR25DE anyone have a lower oil pan 08 sentra 2.5?

    Parts Wanted
    does anybody have a lower oil pan that they want to sell? for a 08 sentra 2.5 any help or links would be more than appreciated thank you peeps!:cool2:
  10. 02 qr25de with P0011

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Hey guys, some of you might remember me having a few questions a couple months back when my car was burning a quart of oil every 20 miles. Crazyy huh?? Well I ended up rebuilding the entire engine, which was a first for me. I was stumped to what caused my engine to burn oil so excessively...
  11. Just bought myself my second B15

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    New to the forum and just wanna say hello! Just bought myself my second B15, this time it's a 2002 SE-R with the QR25DE. I spent all my savings on it so for the moment I'm strapped for cash. Seems to be 100% stock , so I'm just wondering, is there any free or extremely cheap mods I can do...
  12. QR25DE Oil in every cylinder

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Hey guys so I am having a problem with the qr25de in a 02 spec v. The car went from burning next to no oil between changes (3-4k miles royal purple)(40k miles on engine) to burning a quart in of oil in a 20mile commute across town. It started to burn oil practically over night and a...
  13. QR25DE 2004 Spec v P0507 error code- WEIRD PROBLEMS!!

    Troubleshooting and Support
    I just bought my '04 spec v 3 days ago and I've been having weird idle issues starting one hour after I bought it :mad:. It has been jumping up to 1500 whenever I give it gas and then drops to 1000, and after driving for a while it idles at almost 2000. Today, I looked up how to do an idle...
  14. QR25DE JDM QR25DE Conformity

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Hey guys. So with my USDM QR25 dropping below minimum compression on 3 of 4 cylinders and 2 butterfly valves missing on my specV I bought a JDM '02 Altima/Sentra QR25DE. It's the same engine code so I thought it would be the exact same engine. Apparently not at the look at some accessories and...
  15. QR25DE FS: new authentic nismo spoiler

    Parts for Sale
    Located in Bay Area, CA. $260 and willing to drive some distance if you cover gas. I don't have original box since I intended on installing it, so it has been in storage for years now. Includes all mounting parts, the light, and installation instructions.
  16. QR25DE brand new oem qr25de injectors

    Parts for Sale
    i bought some injectors thinking that it was the right part I needed to fix my car, ended up being another part of the car oem qr25de injectors never installed asking $200 free shipping to united states sorry I cant upload a pic pm me your number for pic thank you
  17. QR25DE K6 Ecu for sale

    Parts for Sale
    Bought the wrong ecu, So I need to get rid of it. Can ship at buyers expense, looking for 200 for it obo. Want gone so make offers guys!
  18. How to bypass 02 sensors QR25DE ?

    Member Rides and Project Cars
    I need help on how bypass the o2 sensors on my QR25DE I purchased an aftermarket header to delete the precat and now I keep getting ses codes for the 02 sensors. If anyone knows how to bypass them please help me out and tell me what I need to do.
  19. QR25DE Driving With Butterflies Open vs Closed

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    A little bit of a background: My power valve butterfly solenoid does not activate, and it stays closed at all times. I will be remedying this issue soon. I recently confirmed this situation when I mounted a light and camera in the engine bay while driving. When I put my foot into it, the engine...
  20. CFM Flowbench for QR25 Gen 1 & 2 heads

    Engine Swaps, Builds
    Anyone interested in having this info? Finally found a shop willing to bench these cylinder heads (Tom @ Portflow Design). Extremely valuable info. Its $100/per head. And Im just a fellow broke dck sentra owner. IF we can gather interest, and you're willing to donate. let me know.. I have access...