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  1. Nissan Sentra Service Manuals, Owners Manuals and Parts Catalog Software

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Hello guys I found something interesting today for Nissan Sentra. who needs this information can easily be downloaded from here Nissan Sentra Factory Service Manuals Nissan Sentra Owner Manuals Nissan Parts Catalog Software - Nissan Fast 2012 contains information for Nissan submitted for...
  2. 04-06 90K inspection results are in

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Hello folks, Just got my 2006 Sentra 1.8S Special edition inspected for 90K miles. Since I bought this car used and the previous records are sketchy (and so many SES lights lately), thought better do it thoroughly. The guy gave me the following things to do (and the costs) - Transmission Fluid...
  3. I don't speak "mechanic" Please help translate

    General Maintenance
    Recently, my 2003 Sentra Spec-V has been running like crap. I have always performed scheduled maintenance, had a tune up less than 3000 miles ago but it's just not that fun to drive anymore. It's making some wierd noises now and, since last maintenance, I have had to add oil twice because there...