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shady strikes again

  1. Honda boi here to suck nissans owners balls real talk

    Yo my name honda>nissan explain it fuken self nissan suk and honda go hard all day motha fuckers so fuk all yall bitches buy a honda and stop playn wit ur grandmas car and postin about it from ya moms basement real talk.
  2. Honda guy is on blast by forum members to police for street racing!

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    READ HERE: HE PRESSED IT... Honda Fanboys Call The Cops On Street Racing Forum Member http://jalopnik.com/5906742/honda-fanboys-call-the-cops-on-street-racing-forum-member
  3. The FAGGOTRY needs to stop. NOW!

    F*** My Life / Love My Life
    In the recent past few months this place has been a hotbed for callouts, scams, berating, hate, drama and all other sorts of FAGGOTRY. I am personally sick of it, especially when it comes from and is caused by long time upstanding members and even our revered vendors. It's episodes like these...
  4. Cheating on the Sentra with this... can you blame me?

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    so i hate my sentra cause i baught this thing and i love it! but that wasnt enought so i had to make that into this and still got more things coming ! :)
  5. Nathan (crowley1027) would like you all to know...

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    He got the Galant! He's very happy with it, it drives very nicely. He's already put a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil in, as well as using 1/2 bottle of Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment every full tank. Here are some pictures of the car:
  6. 04SPEC-Vsentra_dylan F - Scammer

    Member Feedback
    http://www.b15u.com/parts-sale/26350-fs-nismo-header-full-apexi-exhaust-w-cat-res.html That's the link to the original for sale thread. To make a long story short i sent payment for a nismo header through paypal on Feb 18, 2012. I have not received the header or a refund to this day. I tried...
  7. Am I seeing things? It can't be!

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  8. The versatility of "the press" - MEMEs inside, too funny! Must SEE!!!

    Photography & Photoshop
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  9. Yeah...I'm that guy.

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    I have VERY strong feelings about some things. One of those things is punk behavior...like bullying people over the internet, or threatening them...over the internet. It's dumb. This is meant for EVERYONE who it applies to...especially those who don't like me, or have a problem with my posts...
  10. NISMO Authentic Front lip

    Parts for Sale
    Alright guys so I have an authentic Nismo front lip, not a cheap replica, that I got. Its in excellent shape but it is a bit broken under by the end of the passenger side as you can sort of see in the second picture. I'm really not sure if I wanna sell it but was testing waters to see how much...
  11. Boosted launching

    Racing: Street, Strip and Road
    whats up guys, this is for all the people making some nice power that have ran it at the track with street tires. simple question, what launch technique works best for you with street tires at the track?
  12. Orangeblast...

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    I don't even know why im posting this, but he's my story. I drove from NJ to WV to buy Gurovs old car off Steve. He seemed like a cool kid, said i could drive the car 4 hours home on his tags. Well I get there to find out the car isn't even insured or registered and he has a tag from his orange...
  13. FS: H3 Yellow Fogs/Owners Manual Package

    Parts for Sale
    For Sale: PM me with Offers. Luminics H3 Yellow Foglight bulbs Used for a couple months then removed. **SALE PENDING** 2002 Nissan Sentra Owners Manual/ Warranty Booklet/ Maintenance Guide Perfect condition. Not even sure I ever looked in them $15 Shipped All of it is OBO.
  14. Hey Giants fans..

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    Suck it! :) Who Dat?!!
  15. cranky...

    F*** My Life / Love My Life
    Is it just me, or are there members on the forum that will just post in every single thread they seem to open? their 2cents is just getting on my nerves for some reason, so i figured id post this... cough**noone wants to hear what you have to say soundEfx, its always useless and usually just an...
  16. Solved who has Gurovs Car

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    It was me boo-ha-ha-ha but seriously yes i picked up his car and i just thought since he kinda fell off the map what his car looks like/runs like So it took me 4 hours one way in my friends truck and he had only 1 CD :(....We get there he comes out and shows me the car is starts right up...I...
  17. First time turboer

    Forced Induction & Supporting Modifications
    So i just checked my car loan that i thought was a 1 year loan apparently its a 2 year. so since im stuck with this car for 2 more years its definitely gonna have to get a makeover to make it better. Can somebody tell me about how much it would cost all together to set my car up with a decent...
  18. F*cking pissed ! !

    F*** My Life / Love My Life
    :mad: I am So beyond pissed right now. For this to make sense theres a little background. I have been dating this girl for the past 8 months. we werent together for about 2 months in the middle of that time. So while we were broken up (She broke up with me) I got $3000 for tax return. So I...
  19. AboutToGetJam.com - Super OT & Threadjacks.

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  20. $100 to the last person to post in this thread.

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    $100 will be given to the last person to post in this thread. The rules are simple, *If Admins/Mods/or anyone else locks, deletes or tampers with the thread, contest is void. *If the server crashes, the contest is void. *There is no time statute on this contest, it can go on infinitely...