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  1. Shifter Bushings For Newbs Review

    Part Reviews and Feedback
    Edit: if you own a 2004 PLEASE make sure you read post #14 of this thread to ensure you purchase the correct top cable bushing: End Edit I will add a poll to this so people with bushings and/or STS already can agree or disagree with me in the poll. AND so you can vote if you DO or Dont't like...
  2. 02-03 Has anyone manufactured a forged short-stroke crank for QR25 instead of using SR20?

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    It seems like if you want to de-stroke your QR25, the only viable option is to fit an SR20 crank in there. Has anyone manufactured an aftermarket forged short-stroke crank for the QR25?
  3. QG18DE URGENT! Power to ground issue? Electrical Prob

    Troubleshooting and Support
    Alright a little while back i started mentioning an issue that i was having. My car felt like it was in limp mode. Or some Sensor problem. My car would not have the usual spunk it normally did and the whole slowly climbed in rpm then normal.. I was told the issue is with in either my maf...