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  1. Stock QR25DE long block - 60,000 kms

    Parts for Sale
    I am selling my stock motor from my 2003 spec v. The engine was running rough when it was pulled so this would be a good project for a rebuild. I live in Calgary, AB, Canada. $500 OBO
  2. Qr25de Long Block/engine with 60,000 KMS on it.

    Parts for Sale
    I have for sale my old qr25de engine with 60,000 kms (bought a fully built block :) ) It runs but idles a bit rough and smokes so I believe it needs a rebuild. I am in Calgary, AB, Canada. 500 OBO
  3. Qr25de with 60,000 kms for sale.

    Parts for Sale
    Hi I'm swapping a built motor into my spec v so I am selling my current motor. It has 60,800 kms on it, there's a head gasket leak I believe. Other than that the motor is fine. $800 OBO
  4. 04-06 FS: 2005 Sentra Spec V - 38k original miles w/Brembo kit!

    Vehicles for Sale
    Hi, all! I'm selling my 2005 Sentra SE-R Spec V w/factory Brembo kit -- only 38k original miles! I love her but I'm looking to get out of my loan :( All potential issues have been address: Butterfly valve screws have been loctite'd and the Cat gutted @ 29k miles. I'm in CT, so please check...
  5. 02-03 NJ: Stock Parts: Suspension, Floor Mats, Map light Console, Header Back Exhaust

    Parts Wanted
    looking for stock suspension to replace my fiancee's old suspension. Something that can atleast survive a few more years. Also, looking for: floor mats (All weather would be nice), map light console, possible stock exhaust manifold to catback for QR25DE. Please let me know what you have!
  6. Completely replace stock exhaust

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    I'm pretty new to these forums and I'm not looking to do a "repost" of previously answered questions. For the last week I've been searching and reading up about the exhaust system, what's superior, what not to buy, etc and I just want anyone to make sure I got it right. My budget is $1200. So I...
  7. 04-06 spec v stock wheels blacked out nice!

    Parts for Sale
  8. FS:2004-2006 spec v wheels blacked out and powder coated

    Parts for Sale
    im selling exactly what it says. blacked out 2004-2006 stock sentra wheels. needs 2 tires and the other 2 are in fairly good shape. looking to get possibly around 550-600. shoot me offers. please email.... [email protected] i will be shipping.
  9. wtb stock air intake

    Parts Wanted
    Hey all I'm looking for a stock air intake so I can take my car to the dealer ship and get my pre cat failure warranty, I need the whole assembly, any body got something?
  10. Wanted Stock Rims

    Parts Wanted
    looking for 17 oem 04-06 stock spec v rims
  11. Hey Im new and Need Suggestions

    Hey guys I just joined this forum in hopes of aquiring some suggestions for my car. I bought my first car a 2003 spec v in october after working for the last 4 years since the age of 12 to buy this awesome car. I am currently running a aem cold air intake I recently installed, a catback vibrant...