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  1. Procharged QR25DE w/ 2.25" pulley

    Nismo manifold, Procharger head unit with 2.25" pulley, 2JR intake modified with a Greddy RS blow off valve. Assorted brackets.
  2. Forced Induction & Supporting Modifications
    I'm thinking all out 3" Stromung to mate up with my 3" midpipe OR the 2J 3" side exit. And go!
  3. Engine Swaps, Builds
    Alright so I need a little bit more information before I go and start ordering parts. My Spec at two secondary intake valve screws - I was told at the time of purchase that they had been serviced and fixed but take a look at my showoff thread for more info...
  4. Forced Induction & Supporting Modifications
    Ok so before anyone posts telling me to use search tool....i have for hours. i would like advice for my situation. so i got an 03 spec v a few months ago and just got a new job where ill have a good bit of money to put into my new car. So my first question. i want to get this car as fast as...
1-4 of 4 Results