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  1. The versatility of "the press" - MEMEs inside, too funny! Must SEE!!!

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  2. cranky...

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    Is it just me, or are there members on the forum that will just post in every single thread they seem to open? their 2cents is just getting on my nerves for some reason, so i figured id post this... cough**noone wants to hear what you have to say soundEfx, its always useless and usually just an...
  3. 04specvnj/b14 SE R/NJ

    Member Rides and Project Cars
    Whats up guys. As some of you know i totaled my 2004 Spec V in July. Tonight i picked up my new vehicle/project. its a 1995 200sx SE-R. I'm not even sure if thats considered b14, but whatever. I was told by the previous owner it had the original USDM sr20de, but i found out its a highport JDM...
  4. All B15 Models FS: Scrapin's Black 03 VQ SE-R

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    Check out all the info needed to be known about the car is in this thread. http://www.b15u.com/member-rides-project-cars/16870-scrapin-black-03-vq-se-r-nyc-updated-8-13-a.html As of now the car has 62k miles. Basics: 03 SE-R 02 VQ motor 6 Spd Spec V transmission 19"x7.5" 5Zigen Copse Wrapped...