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  1. All B15 Models TDMi Lug Nuts

    TDMi / Kuo's Garage
    As promised to Steven after doing the group buy, I snapped some Hi-Qual pics of the ones he'd sent me in blue. I'll let Steven add any additions to the thread as needed, but these things look great, the finish is really well done :) They feel as if they weigh half the weight of the stock lug...
  2. All B15 Models Group Buy TDMi Lug Nuts - NOW until JULY 30th!

    Vendor Deals
    That right, for this exclusive group buy TDMi is offering their lug nuts currently only available in their 5 lug swap kits. These are made of 7075 forged aluminum. Current colors available are Blue, Red, and Black. The lug nuts are also made buy a very reputable *yet undisclosed*...
  3. All B15 Models In stock: TDMi 5 Lug conversion Kit B15/B14/B13/N14/N15/N16 starts at 110 shipped!!

    TDMi / Kuo's Garage
    TDMi 5 Lugs Conversion Kit 5 x 114.3 We have 6 options: 1. Front Hubs (1 pair) $290 2. Rear Hubs (1 pair) $260 3. Sleeves & Washers $110 4. Rear Hubs (1 pair)+Sleeves & Washers $299 5. Front Hubs (1 pair)+ Sleeves & Washers $350 6. Combo option include Front & Rear Hubs (2...
  4. GB: TDM imports coilovers officially starts

    Vendor Deals
    [Copied and posted from original] I am helping to get these out there to those that dont see the origional thread. Please make all inquiries to B15azn Not me. Thank you. The group buy for the TDM imports coilovers has now started and will end on September 19 2011. Estimated delivery date is...
  5. All B15 Models GB: TDM imports coilovers officially starts

    TDMi / Kuo's Garage
    For newest GB check here: http://www.b15u.com/tdmi-kuos-garage/27949-gb-tdm-imports-coilovers.html#post459217