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  1. All B15 Models Bc racing coilovers b15

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    Got 5k-4k miles on them. Keys and warranty included. Elizabeth nj area . $700 No shipping. Text 9087598992 for more info
  2. Rick (SENTRAJOURNEY) is a liar..

    Member Feedback
    It's been well documented what transpired between Rick and myself.. He has never posted any details, pictures, or a single shred of evidence, showing the proposed "engine damage" that he claimed. He drove his car 3K+ miles after it left me, in a single week, and never had any issues (his own...
  3. ProTo2.0 / 2010 Sentra / Florida

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    Hey guys, this is my 2.0 with a 6 speed. It's my first car that I bought new with 0miles in may of 2010. I drove it stock for 1.5 years before starting to mod it. Since I got the itch it has been a never ending battle of finding that "next" mod. I always seem to fine something to do to this...
  4. Re-Release of the FI-R header

    Naturally Aspirated (NA)
    It has been a long time coming but the time is finally drawing near. I got enough material on hand to make 6 headers and another shipment on the way. The only thing left to get a final price on is coating. I won't give a rough guess to price yet but look for something very reasonable for a...
  5. ArmoredSpecV Horrible seller

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    I bought an engine harness from him that he said was out of an 04-06. I went to use it on my 05 and I can't use it. Come to find out this is an engine harness from an 02-03. I try to ask him if I can return it and this is the reply I get from him. "I dunno bub. I was under the impression that...
  6. QR25DE ECU ECM k2 k3 k6?? what are the diffrences?

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    HI, I have tryied to get info on the differences between k2 k3 ecu. Since k2 it's a 2letters word, ECU a 3letters word... the search engine on some forum just doesn't allow such search because they are too short. I need to see if my sentra that has a k3 inside could run with a k2. I have a...
  7. gps transponders???

    Audio, Lighting, Alarms, Gauges and Misc ICE
    Okay so I go in to pay my car note today and I asked the guy what the process is once I pay off the car since I only owe like $1700 on the spec. He says well depending what day I make my final payment the title will arrive on a Monday or friday, then I have to bring the spec back up there. I...
  8. FS: Moto-Style Turbo Horn Raffle!

    Parts for Sale
    I have up for raffle a aluminum 3" turbo horn. The cost of each ticket is $1. This raffle will be drawn when I sell a total of 40 tickets. So far I have sold 6. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  9. QR25DE coil packs, MAF sensor, painted engine cover, green o2 sensor

    Parts for Sale
    Hello everybody. Due to some legal complications, Nathan (crowley1027) has been unable to use the internet. I, his mother, per his request, am starting a thread to sell what he took from his Sentra prior to junking it. He has not told me what to price them at, only to post and see what is...
  10. 04SPEC-Vsentra_dylan F - Scammer

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    http://www.b15u.com/parts-sale/26350-fs-nismo-header-full-apexi-exhaust-w-cat-res.html That's the link to the original for sale thread. To make a long story short i sent payment for a nismo header through paypal on Feb 18, 2012. I have not received the header or a refund to this day. I tried...
  11. New UpRev Support & Discussion Forum

    General Automotive News, Discussions and Rumors
    UpRev recently added the subject forum to their web site. Not too many posts yet but appears to be a promising place to get answers to your UpRev tuning questions. UpRev Forums