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the real slim shady

  1. The Graveyard
    Went to the Allsentra Helen Meet. Things didn't turn out so well.... That fateful Saturday....... Driving 120 miles to part her out :( Took the Nissan emblem on the back as a keep sake. Left the rare nismo catback on the car as well as the Teins. Sucks. Also lost my 2j...
  2. Member Feedback
    It's been well documented what transpired between Rick and myself.. He has never posted any details, pictures, or a single shred of evidence, showing the proposed "engine damage" that he claimed. He drove his car 3K+ miles after it left me, in a single week, and never had any issues (his own...
  3. Member Feedback
    I bought an engine harness from him that he said was out of an 04-06. I went to use it on my 05 and I can't use it. Come to find out this is an engine harness from an 02-03. I try to ask him if I can return it and this is the reply I get from him. "I dunno bub. I was under the impression that...
  4. General Maintenance
    So I have a bit of a dumb question, want to install a Nismo intake I bought but don't have the right socket/tool to remove the MAF sensor and put it on the new intake. I have no idea what kind of socket is needed, E Torx? Anybody know? Thanks
  5. Introductions
    Yo my name honda>nissan explain it fuken self nissan suk and honda go hard all day motha fuckers so fuk all yall bitches buy a honda and stop playn wit ur grandmas car and postin about it from ya moms basement real talk.
  6. Troubleshooting and Support
    Ordered the ARP Headstuds, for the ford cosworth motor, went with the part number off of this site. Machine shop went to install them today and they say there is not enough thread left to torque the motor down.. Has anyone ran into this problem? They are telling me to buy another set of ARP...
  7. Naturally Aspirated (NA)
    So the Connecticut Nissan Club hooked me up with a local place that has a Dyno. Some of you, especially in the north east may have heard of Mark Merliss and SR20DEEP, well I'm taking my car to him after work today to get a baseline Dyno, no tune, just want to know what I'm putting down.... It's...
  8. B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    sold the spec recently and got a dc2 and boy what a difference the integra really is one of the best handling fwd cars made
  9. Racing: Street, Strip and Road
    So as some of you may know I now own Gurovs old built and boosted spec v. I ran it for the first time for shits and giggles last night at the track. I only got to run one time cause it was gamblers night and all the big boys kept breaking down/crashing/spilling shit all over the track. Anyway...
  10. Troubleshooting and Support
    ok so i bought a rebuild from a shop down here in miami ...i paid to get it installed and when we cranked it smoke cameout through the back black smoke.my mechanic said the piston rings and it was a bad rebuild.....fuuuuukkkkk the worst is it had a 30 day warranty but i took longer than 30 to...
  11. Exterior Modifications, Paint and Bodywork
    so i found this online, apperently the guy painted his car with a paint roller and 50 dollars worth of materials. from the pics it looks good and it seems to have held for 3 years. who has the balls to go first? Rickwrench, Alfa GTV, Falcon Squire, Corvair
  12. Member Rides and Project Cars
    so i hate my sentra cause i baught this thing and i love it! but that wasnt enought so i had to make that into this and still got more things coming ! :)
  13. Parts for Sale
    Hello everybody. Due to some legal complications, Nathan (crowley1027) has been unable to use the internet. I, his mother, per his request, am starting a thread to sell what he took from his Sentra prior to junking it. He has not told me what to price them at, only to post and see what is...
  14. Member Feedback
    http://www.b15u.com/parts-sale/26350-fs-nismo-header-full-apexi-exhaust-w-cat-res.html That's the link to the original for sale thread. To make a long story short i sent payment for a nismo header through paypal on Feb 18, 2012. I have not received the header or a refund to this day. I tried...
  15. Parts for Sale
    Alright guys so I have an authentic Nismo front lip, not a cheap replica, that I got. Its in excellent shape but it is a bit broken under by the end of the passenger side as you can sort of see in the second picture. I'm really not sure if I wanna sell it but was testing waters to see how much...
  16. Racing: Street, Strip and Road
    whats up guys, this is for all the people making some nice power that have ran it at the track with street tires. simple question, what launch technique works best for you with street tires at the track?
  17. Member Feedback
    I don't even know why im posting this, but he's my story. I drove from NJ to WV to buy Gurovs old car off Steve. He seemed like a cool kid, said i could drive the car 4 hours home on his tags. Well I get there to find out the car isn't even insured or registered and he has a tag from his orange...
  18. Parts for Sale
    For Sale: PM me with Offers. Luminics H3 Yellow Foglight bulbs Used for a couple months then removed. **SALE PENDING** 2002 Nissan Sentra Owners Manual/ Warranty Booklet/ Maintenance Guide Perfect condition. Not even sure I ever looked in them $15 Shipped All of it is OBO.
  19. Forced Induction & Supporting Modifications
    Just wondering if this would fit and work. I'm buying a t3 turbo and manifold off of an older Evo. Thanks guys!
  20. Vehicles for Sale
    So even knows this car and knows what it done to it...i recently have trashed my whole genesis dream and want another car thats 35k and to have a reasonable payment i need more of a down payment so my toy has to go...This is gurovs old car and honestly i was lucky to own it, the thing rips like...