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timing chain
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  1. Troubleshooting and Support
    Hey, I have a 03 spec v and I recently had a huge issue, I drive it hard everyday, and I just got a problem. I was driving as I normally do, and I was in 1st and went up to 5k and shifted and then all the sudden I head a knocking sound, it sounded like valves hitting the piston, and I took the...
  2. B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    First off, I am sorry to bring up the words "timing problem" and "spec-v" in a new thread, but I have searched these threads until I've gone mad and dizzy and can't seem to find anyone with exactly the same problem. So, if it's out there, I'm sorry I didn't find it. Car: 04 spec v with 169,000...
  3. B13 (1991-1994)
    Hi all, I need some help with my 94 sentra with ga16de, auto trans, and 156,xxx on the odometer. So I had to replace my water pump a few months back and read about the tensioners going bad so I decided while I was in there I would replace them as well. I took the timing chest cover off the...
1-3 of 3 Results