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  1. Parts for Sale
    4 enkei PKR 17x7 +42s 4x114.3 bolt pattern just made the 5 lug swap and need to get rid of these, all of them balance out, and were just balanced but the tires are pretty shot..i can take them of and just sell the wheels tho without a problem theyre all pretty good condition, but there not...
  2. Parts Wanted
    i have 2004 spec v stockers that i painted red... at the time i was feelin them. now i just think the original stock color would look better. so im just lookin to trade the wheels, not the tires. if youre interested, text me, and u must be in the WA or the OR area. 253-389-7784, and my name is...
  3. Parts Wanted
    for just shits and giggles and future reference. im looking to swap my 04-06 front end for the 02-03 spec v model. im not to interested in the gxe unless you have a decent looking lip! im pending some parts for sale on ebay and waiting for the taxs to roll in, so lets speculate and make it...
1-3 of 3 Results