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  1. white smoke coming from turbo

    Forced Induction & Supporting Modifications
    just started my car for the first time after install the treadstone kit. white smoke started to come from the turbine side. I let it idle for about 15 minutes and its still smoking off the top of the turbo most likely from the bolts on the inside of the turbine. Any suggestions??
  2. How to: rebuild a journal bearing turbo

    Sentra Specific Installation Guides,Technical Info
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  3. Huge Turbo Kit For Sale was on a 03 $1900

    Parts for Sale
    Hello I am selling my complete turbo kit that came of my 03 Spec-V. There is nothing wrong with it just had to many problems with speeding tickets. The kit has Approximately 2,000 miles on it. This is not a cheap E-bay kit all name brand parts. below listed is all the kit will include. 1. Huge...
  4. 02-06 Treadstone Turbo Kit Installation Instructions

    Sentra Specific Installation Guides,Technical Info
    Written By: Treadstone Performance Thank you for choosing Treadstone Performance for your turbo charging needs. These instructions are only a guide and assume you have basic automotive service knowledge and appropriate tools. Compliance with local, state and federal emissions laws are the...
  5. FS: random performance parts/complete turbo kit

    Parts for Sale
    Time are tough, hate to start selling off parts, but gotta do what you gotta do. FS: lightly used JWT flywheel, pressure plate, clutch disk, throwout bearing, alignment tool. The good: less than 8,000 on set up, used lightly, great shape The bad: been in storage so there is light surface rust...
  6. All B16 Models Boost Your B16

    B16 Specific Tutorials
    So this is a semi-custom process but can be done by many owners at home, with some help from experienced mechanic friends. This is a semi-detailed (no pics yet) of how to boost the B16 QR25. parts needed: b15 treadstone log manifold b15 treadstone downpipe (heat wrap this before installing)...
  7. Boosted B16 Roll Call

    Forced Induction & Supporting Modifications
    HERE! say I! I! b15 treadstone manifold 1/2 b15 treadstone DP open dump turbonetics wg hks ssqv bov 10psi daily propsort elec peak/warning boost gauge stock oil press gauge uego wideband apexi safc2 3" VRS catback w/ magnaflow muffler + 12" resonator custom IC piping b15 treadstone FMIC w/...
  8. FS: equal length turbo mani and Tial 50mm bov

    Parts for Sale
    Custom one off Turbo manifold- $400 Tial 50mm bov- $180 Manifold being test fitted Manifold is Brand New, never been run, only test fitted on my car, But ive run really low on funds so i can no long finish my epic turbo install and going back to a Treadstone kit :(. My loss is your gain...
  9. Fans

    Parts for Sale
    whats up. I recently installed a treadstone turbo kit on my car and no matter what i do my left side fan hits the pipe comming off the turbo. it's not so bad right now since its noit that hot out but it will become a problem. i can unplug the one fan for the time being but i need to have both...
  10. Turbo Kits: Turbonetics vs. Treadstone

    Forced Induction & Supporting Modifications
    Turbonetics - $3495 T3/T4 E-50 Ball Bearing Turbo Spearco intercooler Raptor blow-off valve Evolution wastegate Unichip engine management, or Re-flash ECU Walbro in-tank high-flow fuel pump Stainless oil feed line Taps for oil return and oil feed fittings Polished stainless exhaust...
  11. Wideband Question

    Tuning & Engine Management
    Ok so i just installed my treadstone turbo kit and the bung on the downpipe for the wideband is too close to the fans. the fans will actually hit the end of the sensor. My question is, if i put the wideband sensor in my front tube (the tube just after the downpipe) will my AFR be inaccurate...
  12. MSV: Very nice turbo kit

    Parts for Sale
    http://myspecv.com/f/t177501-fs-turbo-kit-and-few-extras.html This is a new freash post with evrything I have left for my turbo kit. Basicly I still have the whole kit without the exhaust and gauges.. Everything else is still here.. This is a custom made kit with three inch everything. Top of...
  13. FS: Turbonetics 50 trim t3/tO4E turbo

    Parts for Sale
    Name: Larry Locaion: NNJ Contact: PM or respond in thread Price: $550 + shipping Description: I bought this used. Turbo has about 10k-15k miles on it. No shaft play and it spins freely. its the tubo that comes standard with the treadstone kit. Only pic I have right now. I will get some more...
  14. Needed 440cc injectors and clips

    Parts for Sale
    Like the title says. Anyone got any or know a place to get them for a good price?? Treadstone is selling them for $420 shipped ( too much i think ). JGY has 535cc's for $280 but i dunno if they can be tuned with pure SAFC. Let me know what you guys think
  15. question for every1

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    well sooner or later i will be moddin the spec-v pretty heavily....idn what i should do....should i throw a treadstone turbo kit on or jus get a fully built motor and keep it N/A maybe spray....with the turbo setup jus do the turbo nd 3 inch exhaust...with the built motor id do everything all...
  16. shipping on a used turbo kit

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    have any of you guys had a used kit shipped to you? how much shipping cost? this guy is saying 350-400 in just shipping that doesnt sound right since treadstone said 80 right?
  17. FS: Rev Auto Supercharger Kit & More

    Parts for Sale
    FS: Treadstone MAF Adaptor, Prosport Boost Gauge, Lower Oil Pan hey guys, illestfob from myspecv.com. decided to let you guys in on what im selling since i live in the boston area and ny isnt too far off. s/c kit is sold thanks to anyone who was interested and the buyer! i will have it...