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  1. Advice needed! Turbo QR exhaust

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Hey guys, so I'm looking for a little input from anyone who has a turbo spec or knows a thing or two about exhaust tones. I currently have 3" exhaust with just a straight through glasspack then a straight through flowmaster style muffler, which has started producing awful tones and has gotten...
  2. qr20de +turbo help pls

    Engine Swaps, Builds
    got a qr20de nissan wingroad and wanna turbo it on the cheap would sr20det manifold and other parts be a better alternative to qr25 turbo kit? anyone turbod a qr20 themselves?
  3. QR25DE Injectors in QG18 Motor?

    Forced Induction & Supporting Modifications
    Hey b15u community, Currently piecing together a turbo kit for my QG18DE. Planning on tuning with an Apexi SAFC, however have a few concerns with the injectors. Stock QG injectors are about 210cc from what I got from researching the web. Deatschwerks offers 440cc injectors for the QG, but...
  4. All B15 Models WTF Happened Help!!!!!

    Troubleshooting and Support
    So......this is gonna make no sense. I drive my boosted Spec to my store. I replace my retrofit headlight housings with my new ones. AND NOW MY TUNE IS SUPER JACKED!!!!!!! I have Uprev!!!!! Coincidentally my Bluetooth dongle decided to crap out tonight too!!!! So no help there and no CEL...
  5. QR25DE PLEASE NEED HELP** Not building any boost **

    Troubleshooting and Support
    So a few days ago i was on the dyno and half way through tuning my car just stopped building boost on a pull... than next pull it went up to 6 lbs, next pull after that it makes 0.5 lbs max. I just replaced my wastegate with a brand new ultra gate 38 turbosmart and made sure everything there is...
  6. QR25 02-06 turbo kit for sale

    Parts for Sale
    Up for sale is a lightly used turbo set up for B15. This kit could be modified to fit any vehicle. I purchased the kit years ago in hopes to install but never did because I could not afford the down time since I travel 75 miles a day to work. The kit was mounted on a 2004 spec v. The car was a...
  7. All B15 Models BC Racing Coilovers and wheel spacers

    Parts for Sale
    BC Racing BR Series Coilover suspension for 2000-2006 Nissan Sentra. Front and Rear 8K Springs. I took them off of my daily driver. These are in excellent condition. 100% working and no issues. Includes the original box, original paperwork, the spanner wrenches, and the hardware. $550...
  8. 02-03 2003 Spec-V Turbo

    Vehicles for Sale
    Hey Guys, I'm toying with the idea of selling my 03' spec-v. I'm 22 now, graduating in May... so I bought Volvo:( lol. Anyways, the Sentra has just been sitting in the driveway looking pitiful for the past 2 weeks so I'm considering finding it a new home where it can be enjoyed once again...
  9. Time has come to turbo, how should I go about it

    Forced Induction & Supporting Modifications
    Well guys,the time has finally come that I'm going to start saving up to turbo my 02 Spec with 101k miles on it. I have minor engine mods Nismo CAI,Stainless Headers 3" Catless Exaust and I did the BSR,and I think it's time I Turbo it. How would I go about doing it,should I stay away from the...
  10. UpRev Tuner Edition for sale

    Parts for Sale
    I no longer have my Sentra, so I'm selling this UpRev Tuner Edition cable. $600.00. Thanks-Doug
  11. For Real BRZ STI 2L TURBO

    General Automotive News, Discussions and Rumors
    Kinda fugly wing.....but damn son......I want I want. Wow. Might actually finally happen eventually..... I'll regret having just burned up my damn savings. I had given up on this car (along with the idx and Nismo b17) New York Auto Show 2015. Its real. LOOK LOOk...
  12. FS: HKS type 1 turbo timer

    Parts for Sale
    Opened, never used, contains everything. $155.00 shipped to the 48 states, you are responsible for the paypal fee.
  13. 2006 SE-R Spec V Turbo 6-Speed ** For Sale **

    Vehicles for Sale
    Hi Guys, I am new to the Forum, but looking to sell my 2006 Nissan Sentra Se-R Spec-V Its a 2.5L Turbo 6-Speed Fully built .050 over with 2j internals, a precision Turbo And UpRev engine management. I just had a $900 tune and Dyno done by one of the best Tuning shops in New England. It puts out...
  14. 2006 SE-R Spec V Turbo 6-Speed ** For Sale **

    Hi Guys, I am new to the Forum, but looking to sell my 2006 Nissan Sentra Se-R Spec-V Its a 2.5L Turbo 6-Speed Fully built .050 over with 2j internals a precision Turbo And UpRev engine management. I just had a $900 tune done with an UpRev engine management system by one of the best shops in New...
  15. 02 QR25 tuning help....I'm stuck

    Tuning & Engine Management
    I've got a ton to say, tons to ask, and tons to explain; however, let's start at the core of everything. I am a built and boosted QR25DE. The bastard year....2002. I'm on a Precision 5831. I am broken in, have injectors ready to be put in, and ready to tune. I just this past week discovered...
  16. 02-03 NEED HELP!! car will not produce boost breaks up before 5000 rpm!! GReddy products

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    anyone that knows anything about the greddy e manage blue and greddy e01 please message me
  17. All B15 Models SOLD 2013 STi 565cc dark blue injectors plug&play <15k miles

    Parts for Sale
    Originally got these with the intention of running them in my turbo Sentra, but wound up going with FIC 900cc injectors instead (running e85). These are plug and play on a b15 Sentra, they even use the same injector clips. Great option for a pump gas turbo Spec V running 7-8 psi. They were...
  18. 2j Racing injectors!!

    Parts for Sale
    I have some brand new 633cc 2j racing Deka injectors for sale!(Never used still in Original packaging) Comes with direct plug n play connecter also from 2j Racing... Price $220 with free shipping... Pm me for paypal
  19. Gauge Cluster Swap

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    I have an 04 Nissan Sentra 1.8s it has the regular tach and speedo and all that jazz the only thing is that the rpm gauge is sticky so i was wondering if i could go to my local automotive scrapyard and pull a cluster from a sentra gxe (gxe speedo has tach and goes up to 140mph instead of 120mph...
  20. 2000 Se Tuning (SR20)

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Hey, sorry if this was ever answered before. But does anyone know if the OBDII Ecu will adapt to a tune and progressively try to change back to the stock map? Im tuning with an Aem Fic and i plan on keeping all my o2 sensors and stay code less.