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  1. Street Racing...Pros..Cons...

    Racing: Street, Strip and Road
    Hey Guys, I have been going to the races all over the Tri-State area for many many years. Who is for or against it? And why. I am all for a track in NYC/Long Island to make street racing a little less reckless out here in NYC, but the truth is it will never die. 100% free webcam site...
  2. sticky stuff?

    Cleaning & Detailing
    anyone know what is safe adhesive to use for applying bages onto the car. I have a badass porsche turbo badge that I never put on the car and I wanna toss it on the lower left side of the trunk. THANKS!
  3. tweb14 / 05 spec / long island

    Member Rides and Project Cars
    sup. some of u know me ... most of u dont .. my cars ugly.. and im ok with that lol mods - nismo catback, xs midpipe/racepipe/header, nismo cai, ghetto bsr and alot of sound stuff, kicker amp, 12"cvx , 4awg kicker wires, pioneer deck, polk components in the front, polk 2 ways in teh back. i...
  4. What Rims & Tires Are You Running?

    Wheels and Tires
    well my car aint exactly running, but on it right now are my 5zigen Copse 19x7.5 and yokohama prada spec II 215-35-19.
  5. Official NY Thread

    NY whats good.
  6. tweb14's car.

    Member Rides and Project Cars
    ok so i didnt make on here so here it goes i have a. 2005 spec-v silver it has 58,000 miles Mods Nismo CAI Nismo Catback (sitting in the garage right now) XS Power Header (being shipped) XS Power Midpipe (being shipped) Falken 912's 215/45/17 Dumb Stuff 30% Tint Pioneer 3900mp deck Kicker...