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  1. ECU from 2004 Spec V (UPREV Tuned!!)

    Parts for Sale
    I have a working ECU from my 2004 Spec v with no NATS (Nissan Anti Theft System)The first one is in my car. It was uprev tuned by Vinny Ten Racing. UPREV cost $675 and I paid $300 for this ECU! The NATS (Nissan Anti-Theft System) has been turned off so it does not matter if you have a key with a...
  2. UpRev dropped Cipher software

    Uprev Osiris & Cipher
    I recently got an UpRev cable so I could use Cipher with my 02 Sentra and adjust my idle along with a few other things. When you download the software package from UpRev's website now it only includes ROM Editor. No more Cipher. I spent a few weeks trying to contact UpRev and got a few emails...
  3. All B15 Models WTF Happened Help!!!!!

    Troubleshooting and Support
    So......this is gonna make no sense. I drive my boosted Spec to my store. I replace my retrofit headlight housings with my new ones. AND NOW MY TUNE IS SUPER JACKED!!!!!!! I have Uprev!!!!! Coincidentally my Bluetooth dongle decided to crap out tonight too!!!! So no help there and no CEL...
  4. Removing (upside-down) OBD II pins?

    Uprev Osiris & Cipher
    During my UpRev cable install, I spent many a minutes trying to figure out which way the pins go. Naturally My educated guess was wrong and I inserted the yellow cable up-side down. (but in the correct port) After realizing it wasn't looking like it is supposed to, I tried to pull the connector...
  5. UpRev Tuner Edition for sale

    Parts for Sale
    I no longer have my Sentra, so I'm selling this UpRev Tuner Edition cable. $600.00. Thanks-Doug
  6. 02 QR25 tuning help....I'm stuck

    Tuning & Engine Management
    I've got a ton to say, tons to ask, and tons to explain; however, let's start at the core of everything. I am a built and boosted QR25DE. The bastard year....2002. I'm on a Precision 5831. I am broken in, have injectors ready to be put in, and ready to tune. I just this past week discovered...
  7. 04-06 Is there anyone one in Houston,Tx with uprev or is willing to help?

    Tuning & Engine Management
    I was thinking about purchasing all the things from uprev tuning. I am in no way a master tuner and in most ways very new to ecu tuning. I was wondering if someone has the program and cable can that would want to help me tune my car i really want to learn and i would be willing to pay someone...
  8. Uprev log

    Uprev Osiris & Cipher
    I'm new to the whole datalogging/tuning thing. I've been reading as much as I can find. I logged this today. Please take a look and comment. Right now I'm running N/A. Should I lean it out some? It seems to be running a pretty steady AFR of 13. Thanks for any help / comments. -Gary
  9. SpecV Performance argument thread for darson, armando, cupit, yogi, travis and gurov

    B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Becuz god knows we argue enough... :P Rather than make all topics about advanced performance threads into huge offtopic battles between us i figured id start our own thread. and we'll see how long it goes before we all kill each other :) so ill start. you guys all suck :cussing: and me and...
  10. Need some input

    Tuning & Engine Management
    So i walked into the local tuning shop near my house, that i just found out has been down the street for like 12 years haha. anyway the place is called ccp and there pretty reputatable. they suggested when building a turbo to go with a company called Uprev, for ECU reflashing, has anybody ever...